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Everything Added in the Bitlife Stock Market Update

STONKS go up!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Everything Added in the Bitlife Stock Market Update

Bitlife is a crazy life-sim where you can be almost anything you want. However, this title also has some limitations, but they become fewer with each subsequent update. So, if you are interested in the world of the stock market and the many jobs and opportunities related to it, the new Stock Market Update for Bitlife adds a lot of things from the world of trading, quick earnings, and all those Wall Street shenanigans.

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Everything Added in the Bitlife Stock Market Update

So, let’s check out the patch notes for the Stock Market update for Bitlife and see how this update will enable you to live out your Wolf of Wall Street fantasy, or perhaps be one of those pipe-dream “To the Moon” crypto traders.

  • You can buy and sell all kinds of assets: stocks, crypto, bonds, penny stocks, and funds.
  • An option to hire a financial advisor expert that will manage your investments has been added
  • And if your financial advisors don’t perform – there is an option to shout “YOU’RE FIRED” at them.
  • The exciting world of crypto trading has been added to the sim, so you can risk it all.
  • For more stable investments, you can now give the bond market a try.
  • The option to liquidate your assets has been added so you can avoid market crashes before you lose a fortune.
  • You can ask your family and friends for their take on a particular asset.
  • Financial News headlines are added, so you can check them for some solid investment clues.
  • You can even try to go into the world of insider trading – big risk, big rewards style!
  • There is an option to track all of your investments over time, and you can easily view your (bit)lifetime stats.

So there you have it, that’s all that comes with the Stock Market update for our favorite life simulator, so go wild with it. It’s fun and safe, because it is just a game – so please don’t get any ideas and go sell your house to invest in some shady crypto in real life, or at least don’t hold us Bitlife guide writers accountable for it. Have fun!

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