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How to Become a Veterinarian in Bitlife?

Perhaps you can be Dr. Dolittle too?

by Nikola L
How to Become a Dentist in Bitlife

Nah, the subtitle was a joke – sadly, you can’t speak with animals in Bitlife (yet, at least). Being a Veterinarian is truly a noble and challenging profession, often underrated by many people. Now, you can be a Vet in Bitlife as well! It is not a very complicated procedure, but it takes some time and dedication. Prima Games is always there to help you get all the unlocks and achievements for Bitlife, and many other games.

How to Get a Veterinarian Job in Bitlife?

Similar to all jobs that require some sort of academic progress of your virtual Bitlife character, you should max out your Smarts as early as possible and cram as you’ve never crammed before in school so that you can actually enroll in a University, because having bad grades is a no-no for these achievements. Feel free to sleep, eat, and generally live in the Library, and partake in all school activities that are related to Smarts.

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For a Vet job, you need to get some appropriate education, of course. You will need to major in Biology or Chemistry. When you are done with your studies and everything related to your formal education, you will need to apply for a Veterinarian job under the Job section in Bitlife. Since the jobs that are offered to you are random you will either need to restart Bitlife or wait a year (of your character’s age, of course) in order to shuffle/reroll the offered jobs. If you manage to get accepted as a Vet, this achievement will be automatically completed.

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