Every Piece of Valuable Contraband in Starfield

Make bank in space with no one the wiser!

Starfield The Den Trade Authority
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There are plenty of ways to make money in Starfield, from bounty hunting to faction quests, but none prove as exciting or lucrative as smuggling contraband past a planet’s scanners. If you manage to bring an entire haul of valuable contraband items through, you can sell them for many tens or hundreds of thousands of credits to the Trade Authority. But first, you need to understand your cargo. Here is every piece of contraband in Starfield!

All Contraband in Starfield

Starfield Bottle of Aurora Contraband Item
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From cooking and selling Aurora on Neon to transporting large quantities of Harvested Organs, Stolen Artwork, and the worst of them all, Va’Ruun Heretic Writings, throughout the Settled Systems, contraband is lucrative. But you must know what and where to sell, and we’ll cover the what right here.

Contraband ItemMassValue
Black Market Antiquities3.50~11,000
Harvested Organs3.00~13,500
Mech Components3.80~12,000
Sentient AI Adapters2.50~14,000
Stolen Artwork3.00~15,000
Va’Ruun Heretic Writings2.00~8,000
Xenowarfare Tech2.50~16,000

As you can see, most contraband sells for over 10,000 credits, with a few exceptions. If you plan on solely cooking and selling Aurora, you’re thinking too small!

Where to Sell Contraband

When it comes to where to sell contraband in Starfield, you have a few options. The best and most readily available is any local Trade Authority hub. They’ll buy anything. But you have to get past a planet’s security scanners first, which means investing in a shielded cargo hold.

Otherwise, you can sell at The Den, in the Wolf Star System, where there is no scanner. Alternatively, if you went the pirate route, you can sell anything and everything at The Key. They definitely don’t care about your illicit gains.

If you want to dive deeper into the life of a contraband smuggler in Starfield, the first step is learning how and where to sell Aurora. It’s one of the most readily available pieces of contraband for the layman and an excellent starting point for this new you!

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