Starfield Aurora Drug
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Where to Sell Aurora in Starfield

A powerful drug, but not the most valuable.

While you could play through all of Starfield without committing crimes, where’s the fun in that? You’re playing a video game where nothing is real, so you may as well screw around and have fun. Want to quicksave and see how long you can survive in a heated gunfight? You’re able to do just that. One way the game embraces the edge of legality is through drug production, especially on Neon. If you partake in this, you might wonder how you can make a profit off these ill-gotten goods. Here’s where to sell Aurora in Starfield.

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Where to Get Credits for Aurora in Starfield

Starfield Trade Authority Store
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Aurora can be sold at any Trade Authority store, located in most major cities in Starfield. It can only be sold here since it’s considered to be contraband and will cause you to likely be spotted if you try to enter a controlled system. If you’re getting the Aurora from Neon, then I suggest hitting up the Trade Authority store on the main street. It can be found across from the Mining League store and next to Neon Tactical. If you’re getting the Aurora from anywhere else, then The Den in the Wolf system is your best bet.

How to Make More Aurora in Starfield

Starfield Aurora Lab
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If you’re looking to farm yourself up some Aurora to sell, then you’ll need the appropriate workstation and mission completion. Entering Neon for the first time opens up the Loose Ends mission, which lets you work shifts at the Xenofresh Fisheries through Yannick at Legrande’s Liquors. Complete a few of these, and you’ll unlock the recipe for Aurora at any Pharmaceutical Lab workstation. If you don’t have one built at an Outpost or know of a location already, then you can find one in the basement of The Lodge.

To make Aurora, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1x Chasmbass Oil
  • 1x Benzene
  • 1x Stimulant
  • 2x Hallucinogen

All of the above materials can be bought, though you can also find them while exploring. Chasmbass Oil is the hardest of all to find, found at the base of Neon within the bodies of Chasmbass fish.

Is it Worth it to Farm and Sell Aurora?

While that 760 value on Aurora may seem enticing, I advise against farming it and instead only making it if you need the time slow. While the value is 760 Credits, it only sells for about 100 or so, making it rather lackluster for farming Credits. Instead, you should try and find contraband or loot random places, as our best ways to make Credits fast guide for Starfield explains.

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