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How to Get to The Key in Starfield

The Key? Where's the Lock?

As Starfield is a massive RPG with a lot of areas to explore, you’re bound to look for the more familiar landmarks when you need some R&R. One such location can be a bit tough to find, let alone access. Here’s how to get to The Key in Starfield.

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Where to Find the Key in Starfield

Starfield The Key
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The Key can be found in the Kryx system, surrounded by the Alpha/Beta Marae, Schrodinger, and Muphrid systems. The key is orbiting the planet of Suvorov and can be reached by clicking on it and holding down the listed Jump key. Be careful, as the space to click Suvorov and the place to click the Key are very close.

However, you shouldn’t Grav Jump there unless you’ve completed the mission Deep Cover. The Key is the home of the Crimson Fleet, who will immediately attack you with their armada of ships and turrets if you aren’t allied with them. Once you’ve completed Deep Cover, they’ll be willing to let you on board.

You’ll also get the location of The Key revealed during the Rook Meets King mission. Naeva Mora will eventually give you official access to The Key.

How to Complete Deep Cover in Starfield

First, you’ll need to start the UC Vanguard mission line. You’ll have to do the quests Grunt Work and Supra Et Ultra before starting Deep Cover. Once that is done, go back to Commander Tuala and choose the option to help out UC SysDef. Here are the steps needed to complete Deep Cover.

  1. Go to UC Vigilance.
  2. Talk to the UC SysDef Guard, who’ll take you to Commander Ikande.
  3. Commander Ikande will tell you to meet a contact on Cydonia, Mars. You’ll also need to transport a crate of Aurora.
  4. Talk to Command Lieutenant Toft, who’ll tell you to gather evidence while out.
  5. Next, you’ll need to find Saoirse Bowden at the Trade Authority Outpost, which is in the main area of Cydonia.
  6. After paying Saoirse 1000 credits for the lead on an Aurora buyer, go seek Adler Kemp, who is at the Broken Spear bar.
  7. Before selling Aurora to Kemp, you’ll need to help him out with a debt-riddled miner in Cydonia.
  8. Find the indebted miner named Karl Fielding, who is at the Miner’s Quarters.
  9. Pick one of the options to settle Karl’s debt, then head back to Kemp. The mission will end and Kemp will invite you to a meeting with Naeva Mora, second-in-command of the Crimson Fleet.

What Can You Find on The Key?

Starfield Jazz
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Besides quest-giving NPCs, you’ll find several useful shops on the key. In the Cargo Bay, you can find Jazz in the Ship Services kiosk. She’s the Crimson Fleet’s equivalent of a Ship Services Technician and can provide you with some nice upgrades and repairs. Besides her, there’s The Depot, where you’ll find general goods, tactical gear, weapons, and some more exotic goods. You’ll even find a Trade Authority services rep since they’re apparently friends with everyone in the galaxy. Talk about a company of the people.

All of the Merchants Found in The Key

Here’s a list of every Merchant in The Key and what they sell.

Jasmine DurandShip Services (Reckoner’s Core)Ship Repairs, Ship Parts, Ships.
Taryn KallisTK’s Tactical Gear (Reckoner’s Core)Armor, Apparel.
AlundraAlundra’s Weapon Shop (Reckoner’s Core)Ammo, guns.
Isra LiskovaIsra’s General Goods (Reckoner’s Core)Ammo, Guns, Armor, Healing Items, misc.
ZuriZuri’s Essentials (Reckoner’s Core)Armor, Medical Supplies, Guns, Amps, misc.
Trade AuthorityReckoner’s CoreApparel, Ammo, Armor, Medical Supplies, etc.
Samina MizrahMedbay (Reckoner’s Core)Medical Supplies.
Jessamine GriffinThe Last Nova (Reckoner’s Core)Crew Members, Drinks.

Notable NPCs at The Key

Here’s a list of noteworthy NPCs you can interact with at The Key

  • Zuri Abara.
  • Shinya Voss.
  • Naeva Mora.
  • Delgado.
  • Jasmine Durand.

If you’re currently progressing through the Crimson Fleet missions, check out our guide on how to complete Absolute Power in Starfield.

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