How to Get to The Key in Starfield

The Key? Where's the Lock?

Starfield The Key Space Station
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As Starfield is a massive RPG with a lot of areas to explore, you’re bound to be looking for the more familiar landmarks that you can head to when you need some R&R. New Atlantis is the most notable one, since it’s the first major city you visit, but there’s plenty more besides that. One such location can be a bit tough to find, let alone access. Here’s how to get to The Key in Starfield.

Where to Find the Key in Starfield

Starfield The Key
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The Key can be found in the Kryx system, surrounded by the Alpha/Beta Marae, Schrodinger, and Muphrid systems. The key is orbiting the planet of Suvorov and can be reached by clicking on it and holding down the listed Jump key. Be careful, as the space to click Suvorov and the place to click the Key are very close.

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However, you shouldn’t Grav Jump there unless you’ve completed the mission Deep Cover. The Key is the home of the Crimson Fleet, who will immediately attack you with their armada of ships and turrets if you aren’t allied with them. Once you’ve completed Deep Cover, they’ll be willing to let you on board.

What Can You Find on the Key?

Starfield Jazz
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Besides quest-giving NPCs, you’ll find several useful shops on the key. In the Cargo Bay, you can find Jazz in the Ship Services kiosk. She’s the Crimson Fleet’s equivalent of a Ship Services Technician and can provide you with some nice upgrades and repairs. Besides her, there’s The Depot, where you’ll find general goods, tactical gear, weapons, and some more exotic goods. You’ll even find a Trade Authority services rep, since they’re apparently friends with everyone in the galaxy. Talk about a company of the people.

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