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Every Feature Coming in Project Zomboid Build 42 (That We Know Of)

More new content than a horde of zombies!

At least once or twice per year, developer The Indie Stone launches a significant content update for Project Zomboid. This update proves massive each time, with additional bug fixes, new items and artwork, plenty of new content, brand-new features, and the occasional map expansion. Well, Project Zomboid build 42 is nearly upon us, and it looks to be one of their most extensive content updates to date. Here’s every feature we know is coming in build 42 of Project Zomboid!

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Features in Project Zomboid Build 42

Some of the many features included in the highly-anticipated Build 42 of Project Zomboid include performance updates, an enhanced lighting system, new building tools, a map expansion, new items, unique sound design, and the most significant addition, the first iteration of the massive NPC expansion.


While everyone eagerly awaits the readdition of NPCs in Project Zomboid, Build 42 will not include humans. Instead, we’ll receive a whole lot of livestock. These include chickens, sheep, cows, and pigs. You can build pens, feed troughs, and connect a trailer to a working truck to transport livestock.

Outside the usual farm animals, we’ll also see deer, rabbits, and foxes. The latter can cause problems to your livestock by sneaking into pens and eating the young.

Project Zomboid Farming Skill
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Furthermore, zombies won’t attack animals. That little fact is a massive plus for anyone who wants to roleplay a farmer without worrying about a passing horde.

World Expansion

The long-awaited map expansion of Kentucky will finally launch with Build 42. This includes electrical power stations, pylons, a western development with new wilds, a riverboat, and a town. In total, it’s 430 cells of new map to explore.

Alongside the expansion, the developer is reworking a few key locations, including churches and towns already in the game. Some areas will also include basements and underground sections, which will enhance the base building significantly.

But the map isn’t the only thing growing in size. The studio is working to tell more of a story through worldbuilding by introducing new vehicles, television channels, radio stations, VHS tapes, and newspapers.

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Lighting Propagation System

The team is working hard on a new lighting propagation system that enhances the game’s visual effects of various light sources. This will allow lights and fire to leak through doorways and windows, casting shadows and slightly illuminating indoor environments.

As usual, the field of view will affect the lighting system and how we perceive light sources.

Sound Design

The world of Project Zomboid is about to become far more vocal. The team is working alongside numerous voice actors to enhance the player’s vocal powers in the game. We’ll see grunts, sighs, and exclamations moving forward. For example, when climbing over a fence, your character will grunt in exertion.

But that’s not all. Alongside player noises, the world is getting an audio revamp. For instance, background audio, including birds chirping and wolves howling, will not be far more present when exploring the wilds.

Project Zomboid Mechanics
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Then, we have the soundtrack. A new adaptive soundtrack system alters the background music based on the player’s actions. Everything from opening a door to hotwiring a vehicle will trigger the new system for greater immersion.

Skill Revamps

Along with potentially new skills for Animal Husbandry, we’ll see a total revamp of various existing skills. One of the most significant changes is with the fishing skill. Now, a mini-game further involves the player when catching fish.

Farming will also see a nice revamp, with plenty of new crops and seeds to discover and plant. These will include a few unique herbs for cooking. Furthermore, farming will feel more accessible and interactive, with fewer menus and more interactivity when creating plots and planting/caring for crops.

Crafting Overhaul

The Indie Stone wishes to provide a more fluid and helpful crafting system in Project Zomboid. The goal is to improve the mid- and late-game experience by offering better-crafting systems, like workbenches, to help flesh out the gameplay in the end game. This includes pottery, forges, and machinery like steam boilers and turbines.

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