EVE Online Patch Notes: Version 21.05

When The Deathless call will you answer?

I know we’ve all been dying for new destroyer designs, and The Deathless are here to ensure we slide through space in style. Get ready for a brand new event and some slight gameplay tweaks in EVE Online. Here’s EVE Online’s September 28 update, with full patch notes listed.

EVE Online September 28 Update, Full Patch Notes Listed

What is Zarzakh? This beautiful and brutal region contains many secrets. But the latest update promises to draw back the veil… and those who get involved will have a few new destroyer designs to show for it. So, let’s dive right into EVE Online’s September 29 patch notes.

Features & Changes:


The Deathless is asking for help from Capsuleers to power up ‘The Fulcrum’ and unlock more of Zarzakh’s secrets. Capsuleers who choose to assist him will be given Deathless circle reward tokens which can be exchanged in loyalty point stores for early access to the new destroyer designs recently completed by the Guristas Pirates and the Angel Cartel, or sold for a profit at Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates NPC stations.

  • Venture into drifter hives, destroy the ancient drifter guardians at the end and collect elements from different hives to combine them into Coalesced Elements. Be aware that these sites are intended for groups of well equipped capsuleers and are very dangerous. Alternatively, entrepreneurs may be able to acquire them from the market from capsuleers who have already adventured deep into these hives.
  • In all classes of wormhole space, probe down sleeper relic and data sites using the “Forgotten” and “Unsecured” site name prefix, and acquire Element Containment Vessels from relic sites, and Element Control Data from data sites. Be aware that these sites are guarded by Sleeper NPCs unlike other relic and data cosmic signatures so be prepared for combat.
  • Once you have a Coalesced Element, an Element Containment Vessel and an Element Control Data item, travel to Zarzakh, and use the ‘access’ option now available to deposit all 3 together into the Fulcrum to recieve your reward – a deathless circle loyalty token.
  • Your Deathless circle loyalty token can then be taken to any Angel Cartel or Guristas Pirates station, and used in the Loyalty point store for a 1 run BPC of the Mekubal or Mamba respectively.
  • Alternatively, The Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates will also reward capsuleers 5 million ISK for each Element Containment Vessel and Element Control Data they sell to them inside their stations, or 50 million ISK for each Deathless Circle Loyalty token.
  • For those who wish to oppose The Deathless – The Society of Conscious Thought is also awarding 5 million ISK for each Element Containment Vessel and Element Control Data brought to their stations in Geminate.

Defect Fixes:


  • Escalations can no longer spawn in Zarzakh.
    • Note that it’s still possible for an escalation to take you through Zarzakh, escalations should always at most be 10 jumps from your destination. You may need to travel through Zarzakh if you see an escalation with an unusually high amount of jumps, we’re hoping to have a fix for this in a later release.

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