Starfield Players Are Already Going Absolutely Wild With Mods

Starfield's modding scene is already shooting for the stars.

Photo of ship in hyperspace in Starfield

Any Bethesda fan knows that while the base version of the studio’s titles is great on its own, where things go from great to amazing is with modding support. Being able to introduce everything from basic texture mods all the way to full-blown campaigns is a massive selling point, and helps keep the experience fresh for years to come. Despite Starfield only being out for a week at this point, fans have already been going nuts bringing Starfield to the same level.

Starfield NexusMods
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As of writing, Starfield already has just over 700 mods available on NexusMods, the hub for most game mods and especially mods for Bethesda games. Today alone, there’s been a staggering 134 new mods added to the platform. Altogether, the mods for Starfield on NexusMods have garnered a few million downloads, making it an extremely popular method for PC gamers to improve their experience.

Of the hundreds of mods on offer, the most popular ones include an Upscaler that adds both DLSS and XeSS support (a mod I’ve been using in my playthrough that helps a ton in performance), an incredibly useful inventory management mod called StarUI, and a mod that removes all start-up movies and takes you straight to the title screen. With the recent introduction of the Starfield Script Extender as well, we should see much more drastic mods release in the coming weeks.

I’ve never been a huge modder myself (outside of a handful of mods for a recent Fallout 4 replay), but it is a testament to the power of Bethesda’s modding scene that there’s already so much support for it. It’s part of the reason the team remains on the Creation Engine, and that choice seems to be paying off. I’m excited to see the sorts of planets that players create, provided I can dodge all the inevitable ones that take everyone’s clothes off.

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