Era of Althea: Snap Tier List

Here is a ranked Snap list in Era of Althea.

Era of Althea trait list tier

Era of Althea is yet another Roblox experience that will see you traversing a dark, mythical world filled with enthralling battles, mysterious dungeons, and quests. This dungeon-crawler RPG will have you choosing three key elements: Race, Traits, and Snaps. 

Snaps are the primary source of damage, and there are 12 of them. Depending on which race and trait you select, they are a substantial addition to your arsenal. However, choosing the right Snaps is a problem when you don’t know their perks. This article will rank all Snaps in Era of Althea so you can choose the right one. 

Era of Althea: Best Snaps Ranked


Spatial – Spatial is the rarest Snap in the game and the most powerful one.

Time – Time is of the essence, as they say, and this Snap will provide you with several abilities:

  • Time Stasis
  • Time Store
  • Anastasis
  • Reverstasis
  • Time Warp
  • Time Erase
  • Time Bomb 

Demon – Demon is probably the most powerful magic you can use in the game. It features several attacks:

  • Demonic Throw
  • Hell Revenge
  • Light Sword of Judgement
  • Hellbound Hell Bolt


Heavenly Body – Heavenly Body is one of the rarest Snaps to get and does a ton of damage. It has several attacks:

  • Chariot
  • Altairis
  • Pleiades

Compose – Compose is yet another powerful Snap with a few spells that cause massive damage:

  • Golden Sword
  • Cosmic Spirit
  • Cosmic Bullets
  • Cosmic Slashes


Frost – Frost is one of the defensive Snaps and provides a nice set of spells that will protect you from enemies:

  • Snow Storm
  • Ice Aegis
  • Shard Rain
  • Hall Blitz

Explosion – Explosion is mighty magic and hides several powerful spells, but it is mainly for close-range battles, except for the first move:

  • Ignite
  • Outbreak
  • Incinerate
  • Blast Force

Light – Light can be of great help when attacking and defending with its commanding spells:

  • Light Beam
  • Light Blades
  • Light Rain
  • Light Shield


Dark – Best for beginners, this Snap is pretty good but still has found its place in C-Tier. You can attack and defend by using these spells:

  • Dark Bomb
  • Dark Tremor
  • Striking Dark
  • Dark Eruption

Fire – Regarded as the worst Snap in the Roblox community, it still can be used against many enemies as it will provide you with:

  • Fire Blast
  • Hell Rain
  • Wild Fire. 

Wind – Wind is another common Snap and is pretty good when it comes to PvP combat. Its spells include:

  • Blade Shower
  • Towering Tornado
  • Vortex
  • Tornado Fang

Water – One of the most common Snaps in the game, it is suitable for both aggressive and defensive playstyles. It holds several valuable spells:

  • Raging Water
  • Severing Wave
  • Water Shot
  • Water Wall

If you aren’t satisfied, you can always spin for another, or not, since it costs Robux or real-life money. 

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