Era of Althea Traits Tier List: Best Traits in the Game

Don't go Traitless.

Era of Althea trait list tier

Era of Althea combines the RPG experience with Roblox graphics. It’s a game in which you can explore the open world, collect gear, start or join a guild, complete quests, and much more. The aim is to level up your character and become the most powerful in Althea. 

Traits will contribute to the overall strength of your character in many ways. Whether you are a blade master or a potent wizard, there is a Trait for everything. You can switch Traits at any time with the Spin mechanic. Multiple Traits are available in Era of Althea, and here are the best ones. 

Era of Althea Traits Tier List

S Tier:

  • Elven Blood – This is a go-to Trait for those heavy magic users. It gives a massive mana boost, letting you enjoy spellcasting without holding back. 
  • Blade Master – If you are into heavy damage, Blade Master is your best option. It will double the Weapon Mastery upgrade and add damage to your attacks. Pretty neat. 

A Tier:

  • Alchemist – Use potions and consume other items. You heal quicker than your opponents, but it isn’t recommended for beginners.
  • Resilient – This Trait is for those who get a few slaps more than desired. It will boost your stamina, making you much stronger. 

B Tier:

  • Smith – This Trait will add a 10% bonus to the success rate of finding deadly weapons. Who doesn’t like that?
  • Game Addict – If you choose Game Addict Trait, you are immediately up for a 150% EXP boost gained. Awesome, right? 

C Tier: 

  • Traitless – This one is self-explanatory, and we are pretty sure it belongs in the lowest tier. Why even opt for it? It does nothing. 

That’s it for our tier list of Era of Althea’s available Traits. Now you know what each one does, so choose wisely.

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