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Enfer Back Room Key Location in COD DMZ

Time to go shopping.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Enfer Back Room DMZ

Another looting trip in the DMZ has led you to the Enfer Back Room Key, but like so many other standard keys, you’ll need to find the exact location on your own. Some of the keys have a description that can make the vague location obvious, but searching is still in order.

For the Enfer Back Room Key, there are more than a few nooks and crannies that could have the loot you’re looking for, even if you get to the location. Shopping malls aren’t known for having a limited amount of space. We know exactly where to take the key though, and we’ll cover it in this COD Warzone 2 DMZ guide.

COD DMZ – Enfer Back Room Key Location

With the key ready to go in your inventory, you must make your way to the Sa’id Shopping Center found on the western side of the map in the city with the same name. This massive shopping center often needs a key of its own to open the doors, but the roof is opened up and you can actually climb up using the parking garage on the other side.

Once you’re inside the shopping mall, the Enfer Back Room Key instructs you to look for the Enfer Botique within the building. This store can be found on the second floor of the mall toward the intersection of the mall. You’ll know you’ve found the right store when there is a room on the back wall with a trip wire. Get past the trap, then move to the right side hall, where you’ll find a locked door. Use that Enfer Back Room Key and claim your DMZ loot.

Before you attempt to grab any loot, remember that this shopping mall is full of armored AI, and we know how that can go in the Call of Duty DMZ. Make sure to clear out as many as you can before going for all of the loot. If you lose that key while inside, it’s gone for good.

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