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How to Turn on Proximity Chat in Warzone 2.0

How to join in on definitely positive area-based discussion.

by Shawn Robinson

Warzone 2.0 brings about many new features that put it a step above its predecessor. There is not only the massive and new DMZ mode, taking hints from Escape From Tarkov, but plenty of new battle royale features. Some of these features allow you to interact with other players on other teams, including through the new Proximity Chat. It may be a bit confusing how you activate it though, which is where we come in. Here’s how to turn on Proximity Chat in Warzone 2.0.

How to Enable Proximity Chat in Warzone 2.0

Enabling Proximity Chat is surprisingly simple. To do so, head over to Settings and scroll your way down to Audio. From there, scroll down until you see the Proximity Chat feature. From there, simply switch it to On, and Proximity Chat will be enabled. If you wish to disable it later, you can come back to the same menu, except switch it to Off instead of On.

Once enabled, head in-game and either use Open Mic or a Push-to-Talk key, and other players near your location will hear you. This can be used in a variety of ways. There’s of course the ability to shout expletives at other players (we know that’s probably why you want this on), but also the ability to deceive your opponents into thinking you’re pulling a particular strategy before getting the drop on them. There’s even the ability to squad up mid-game, so this could be a solid gateway to bring them aboard your squad.

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While this feature breeds toxicity and might annoy you more than help, it could be nice for a few specific circumstances. If the downsides of Proximity Chat aren’t worth it for you, you’re free to disable it again at any time and have that peace of mind. Totally depends on your feelings though.