How to Enable Fast Play on EA Sports PGA Tour

Cut out the cutscenes completely!

EA Sports PGA Tour Road to the Masters is one of the best games to keep you busy over long periods of time, but it’s not a game that you can switch on and finish a quick activity or challenge because of the overkill of cutscenes that play out more often than they should. Sometimes a single shot can take longer than first anticipated. 

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If you’re here to find out if there is a way to speed up the process and go from hit to hit without a cutscene, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll not only learn how to cut the scene out completely but also what buttons you should be spamming to get things moving along as quickly as possible. 

Enabling EA’s Fast Play on PGA Tour Road to the Masters

To enable Fast Play on EA Sports PGA Tour, you must go to Settings on the home screen. Once selected, use R2 to select the Visual Settings. Once found, scroll down until you find Fast Play. It should be disabled at first. Press to the right on the directional pad to enable it, and then press the cross button to apply and save the changes made. 

As with all changes made in Road to the Masters, Fast Play can be enabled and displayed at any time of the game, including before you start golfing. If you change the settings during your game, you’ll need to change them again in the main menu. Test the waters first with a non-permanent change and see if it works best for you to speed up the game.

Enable & Disable Fast Play Settings in PGA Tour Road to the Masters (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Other Tips & Tricks to Speed Up EA Sports PGA Tour

Remembering some key buttons to spam or removing other gameplay settings is a good way to speed up the game.

Spamming Triangle & Cross Buttons

After making a shot, the triangle and cross buttons will be the buttons you use the most. Pressing the triangle button immediately after taking a shot will speed up the gameplay until the ball comes to a full stop. 

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The cross button will speed up some cutscenes as well. This is a good button to remember if you don’t want to completely remove the cutscenes and want to enjoy some of the great moments you’ve produced on the golf course. 

Disable Heartbeat Moments in PGA Tour Road to the Masters (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Disable Heatbeat Moments

Disabling heartbeat moments take away some exciting, hair-raising moments, but it will help speed up the game if you’re trying to hit a few holes quickly before heading out or going to sleep. This can be done in the Visual Settings as well, and it can be found just a bit under the option to enable Fast Play.

I hope this helps make the virtual game of golf a more enjoyable experience. It’s one hell of a trick to use when playing multiplayer. The wait is shorter, and there is a lot more golfing getting done. For more on EA Sports PGA Tour, you can read: Can You Fully Max Out Your Golfer in EA Sports PGA Tour?

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