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Can You Fully Max Out Your Golfer in EA Sports PGA Tour?

Are you looking to create the next Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy on steroids?

by Ashley Anthony
EA Sports PGA Tour | Home of the Majors

As you play to make the cut for the Masters or try to qualify for tournaments throughout the golfing campaign on EA Sports PGA Tour, collecting XPs, skill points, and upgrading your golfer is vital to progress in the game to continue on the long journey. 

Without improving your Pro’s game, you will go nowhere slowly, missing the same shots and repeatedly playing the same tournament. The problem here? You will lose interest quickly, and EA Sports PGA Tour will fall by the wayside. 

EA Sports PGA Tour | Player Upgrade System
EA Sports PGA Tour RPG Element Upgrade System (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

To stop this from occurring and challenge for titles and journey down the road to the Masters, you need to think carefully about how you upgrade your golfer. When upgrading in any game, what is the main objective above all? Boost your character, player, or main protagonist to the best version so you can easily take on any challenge.

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If you are looking to max out your golfer and create an expert in the game, you might think it will take some time. However, thinking this way might be setting yourself up for major disappointment. 

So, let us get into the conversation and answer the question: can you fully max out your golfer in EA Sports PGA Tour?

Can You Fully Max Out Your Golfer in EA Sports PGA Tour?

In short, the answer is no. No, you cannot upgrade every stat of your golfer to the max. This EA has already confirmed and emphasized that planning to use your skill points is quite important. 

With the RPG-style upgrade system, where you use skill points to upgrade the different parts of your game and gain XPs for new equipment specs, improving your game takes a lot of thought and strategic measures. 

Since you get two skill points every time your Pro upgrades to a new level, it limits the number of improvements and takes time to improve their stats. EA has made it so you can strengthen your golfer’s shot or long game or give him a more balanced game. The choice is yours, so be wise.

I worked on my Pro’s short game above all. Pulling off a chip shot, blasting out of a bunker, and trying to put is quite tricky, and the upgraded attributes enhanced my swing and improved my end-of-round total.

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