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Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr: Necromancer Skills Guide

by John Cooper

The latest Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr is the newest expansion for this ever-growing MMORPG. Along with brand-new places to explore, new creatures to fight, and a plethora of new items to find, comes the powerful unholy Elder Scrolls online Necromancer class. This class can wield forbidden arts that have mastery over life and death, which comes with a fair few risks. For starters, dabbling in the dark arts like this is a criminal act in Tamriel and doing so could well get you in trouble as a result. If you remain excited at the prospect anyway, have a read of our Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Necromancer skills guide.

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Necromancer Skills Guide

There are three different lines of skills for the Necromancer, with one set for each of the roles within the MMORPG. To know what to expect, here is a list of skills for each of them. 

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Necromancer Skills Grave Lord

The Grave lord is a master of elemental attacks and raising the dead. They serve as the DPS branch of the Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Necromancer. 

  • Frozen Colossus (Ultimate): Release a frostbitten Flesh Colossus to destroy your foes. This giant monstrosity smashes the ground and deal AoE damage and even applies vulnerability to those affected by it. You can morph the ability into a Pestilent Colossus for poison damage or a Glacial Colossus for more power, but these are considered criminal acts. 
  • Flame Skull: Throw an explosive skull at enemies that deals extra damage every third hit. You can morph it into a Venom Skull for poison damage or Ricochet Skull to make it bounce. 
  • Blastbones: Summon a fiery skeleton to run at enemies and explode. You can morph it into a Blighted Blastbones for poison damage or a Stalking Blastbones that gets stronger the longer it runs, keep in mind that both of these variants are criminal acts. 
  • Boneyard: Create a damaging area of desecrated ground dealing frost damage over ten seconds. You can sacrifice a corpse to deal extra damage, and an ally can activate the Grave Robber synergy while within it to deal even more damage and heal you. You can morph this into Unnerving Boneyard which debuffs enemies within the area or Avid Boneyard which allows you to activate the synergy yourself. 
  • Skeletal Mage: Unearth a skeleton mage to fight by your side for 16 seconds that deals shock damage. You can morph this ability into a Skeletal Archer which deals physical damage that gets stronger the more it hits. You can also morph it into a Skeletal Arcanist which deals damage to multiple enemies instead of just one. Both of these morphs are criminal acts. 
  • Shocking Siphon: Drain the last bit of life from a corpse to deal shock damage to enemies around the corpse and between you and the corpse. You can morph this into Detonating Siphon, which does disease damage instead and causes the corpse to explode, or Mystic Siphon which allows you to regenerate Magicka. 
  • Reusable Parts (Passive): Reduces the cost of your Blastbones, Skeletal Mage, or Spirit Mender, whenever one of these dies. 
  • Death Knell (Passive): Increases your critical strike chance against enemies under 25% health. 
  • Dismember (Passive): Increases your spell and physical penetration while a Grave Lord ability is active. 
  • Rapid Rot (Passive): Increases the damage of damage over time effects. 

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Necromancer Skills Bone Tyrant 

Bone Tyrant is the choice for you if you like to soak up damage as an Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Necromancer tank. You can use your skills to steal enemy health and grant yourself and your allies damage prevention.

  • Bone Goliath Transformation (Ultimate): Become a Bone Goliath which increases your health for 20 seconds and allows you to drain enemies with your attacks. Your morph options are Pummeling Goliath, which allows for an AoE attack, and Ravenous Goliath to deal constant damage to nearby enemies, both of these are criminal acts. 
  • Death Scythe: Deal magic damage to an enemy and heal yourself. This skill becomes more potent with every enemy hit up until the sixth. You can morph this into Ruinous Scythe, which turns it into a physical attack that uses Stamina and prevents the enemy from healing, or Hungry Scythe, which allows you to heal over time after each attack. 
  • Bone Armor: Grant yourself the Magor Resolve and Major Ward buffs which increases your spell resistance. You can morph this into Beckoning Armor, which pulls attacking enemies towards you, or Summoner’s Armor, which reduces the cost of your summon abilities. 
  • Bitter Harvest: Drains corpses for 2 Ultimate and healing. You can morph this into Deaden Pain, which grants you Major Protection, or Necrotic Potency, which allows you to gain more ultimate per corpse. 
  • Bone Totem: Places a Bone Totem that grants Minor Protection to your and your allies while instilling fear in your enemies. This can be morphed into Remote Totem, which can be summoned further away, or Agony Totem, which allows allies to use a synergy called Pure Gony that deals damage and debuffs enemies. 
  • Grave Grasp: Summon three patches of skeletal claws that snare enemies and inflicts the Minor Main debuff. It can be morphed into Ghostly Embrace, which can immobilize a single enemy per patch, or Empowering Grasp, which empowers allies and summons. 
  • Death Gleaning (Passive): Restores Magicka and Stamina if an enemy dies near you and you have a Bone Tyrant ability slotted. 
  • Disdain Harm (Passive): Reduces damage over time damage when you have a Bone Tyrant ability active. 
  • Health Avarice (Passive): Increase healing received for each Bone Tyrant ability that is slotted. 
  • Last Grasp (Passive): Increases your maximum Health. 

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Necromancer Skills Living Death 

If you want to look after your team despite being a dark mage, this is the Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Necromancer class for you. Living Death grants the ability to heal by consuming the corpses around you and summon a healing spirit. 

  • Reanimate (Ultimate): Resurrect up to three allies at a target location. You can morph this into either Renewing Animation, which grants them extra Magicka and Stamina upon resurrection, or Animate Blastbones, which allows you to consume up to three other corpses in the area to summon a Blastbones per corpse. 
  • Render Flesh: Give yourself the Minor Defile debuff to heal yourself or an ally. This can be morphed into Resistant Flesh, which also grants extra spell and physical resistance, or Blood Sacrifice, which allows you to sacrifice a corpse to heal a second target. 
  • Expunge: Remove two negative effects from yourself. It can be morphed into Expunge & Modify, which also restores Magicka and Stamina with each effect removed, or Hexproof, which allows you to remove up to 4 effects. 
  • Life Amid Death: Heal your and your allies at a target location, you can consume a corpse on casting to grant extra healing over time. You can morph this into Renewing Undeath, which can consume a corpse to remove negative effects, or Enduring Undeath, which allows you to consume up to 6 corpses to increase the healing over time duration. 
  • Spirit Mender: A criminal act that summons a spirit to heal you or your lowest health ally for 16 seconds. It can be morphed into Spirit Guardian, which makes the spirit absorb damage on your behalf; this is still a criminal act. You can also morph it into Intensive Mender, which increases the healing done by three but only allows it to stick around for half the amount of time; this is not a criminal act. 
  • Restoring Tether: Siphon the life from a corpse which heals you and all allies in between you and the corpse. It can be morphed into Braided Tether, which heals allies around you too, or Mortal Coil, which restores your stamina.
  • Curative Curse (Passive): Increases healing done to you while you have a negative effect. 
  • Near-Death Experience (Passive): While you have a Living Death ability slotted, you gain extra critical strike chance with healing abilities up to 10% depending on the target’s wounds. 
  • Corpse Consumption (Passive): You generate 5 Ultimate when using an ability on a corpse. 
  • Undead Confederate (Passive): When you have a Necromancer summon active, you gain increase Magicka and Stamina recovery. 

That’s it for our Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Necromancer skills guide. If you want to use these skills to kill a dragon, you should check out our guide here. Make sure to follow Prima Games on Twitter too, and we post a lot of good stuff there.