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The Elder Scrolls Online: Elden Hollow Dungeon Boss Guide

by Bryan Dawson

The Elden Hollow dungeon is in the second group of instanced dungeons you can unlock. The recommended level of your party should fall between 20 and 25 to have the best bang for your buck running through the dungeon. There are four main boss battles that you’ll encounter as you make your way through the dungeon, each one a little bit more challenging than the last. Ranged damage dealers (DPS) work very well against the bosses in this dungeon, but you can make your way through with melee DPS as well.

How to beat Akash gra-Mal

If you go into this boss battle with a group of melee DPS, make sure the tank and healer are solid. While most melee DPS should have self-healing abilities, the healer will still need to put in a bit of work. If you have ranged DPS classes, this fight is much easier. The creature’s main attacks have short range, so with a group of ranged DPS, the tank should take a large portion of the damage, leaving the other party members relatively safe.

When the boss uses its Power Attack, it’s very important to block this. If it is not blocked, Mal moves on to the next party member and things could start to get out of hand. Mal also uses a front-facing area of effect (AoE) attack that needs to be stunned or avoided completely, and a larger AoE attack (the spin), that should be avoided if at all possible.

Toward the end of the battle, Mal will enter an enraged mode. At this point, use as many offense abilities as you can to burn the boss down quickly. The longer the boss remains alive, the harder it will be to prevent party members from dying.

How to beat Chokethorn

The key aspect of the battle against Chokethorn is the quick extermination of the Sapling adds. At multiple points throughout the fight, several Saplings will spawn. If your tank is well-geared, he should take down the adds while the DPS classes stay focused on the boss. Alternatively, a single DPS class can take down the adds with a few AoE abilities, but the healer should watch their health.

Once again, if you have a party of ranged DPS classes, this is an easier battle. The boss uses an AoE attack with considerable range. While even a melee DPS has plenty of time to evade the attack, it only serves to slow down your damage output. This is lessened considerably if you have ranged DPS classes at your disposal.

How to beat Nenesh gro-Mal

Much like Chokethorn, the adds make up a large part of this battle. This time around, the adds are present at the beginning of the fight. Engage the adds first and take them down as quickly as possible. Make sure you target the healer first, or else it will be much more difficult and time-consuming to take down the group of adds.

Once the adds have been dealt with, shift your focus to the boss. There are two key points to note when fighting the boss. The first is to watch out for the AoE fire attacks. They are easy to dodge if you’re looking for them, so pay attention during the battle. The second is to watch for the lightning attacks that occur when the boss has low health. When you see the first lightning attack, burn down the boss as quickly as possible to avoid putting too much strain on the healer.

How to beat Canonreeve Oraneth

Like many of the other boss battles in this dungeon, Canonreeve spawns several adds to help during the fight. The tank should grab all of the adds as soon as they appear to avoid damage to the rest of the party. There will be four skeleton adds during this portion of the fight, but the tank should have plenty of time to pick them up before they start to engage the party.

Once again, if you have a party of ranged DPS, this fight is much easier. Canonreeve uses an AoE attack that inflicts significant damage to any party members around her. It’s possible to avoid this, but the timing is somewhat strict. You may even need to roll to safely avoid it if you have the available stamina. Either way, the healers should be prepared when this attack begins. As long as you can evade or heal through this attack, the battle is fairly easy.

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