Elden Ring 10.3 Update adds Features, Balance Changes and Fixes

Elden Ring 10.3 Update adds Features, Balance Changes and Fixes

Smoke one for Hoarfrost Stomp

by Lucas White

A considerable update to Elden Ring was rolled out last night, which was great because I was right in the middle of playing! The game was nice enough to save my exact spot though, and I even noticed some of the new stuff right away. This update brought Elden Ring to version 1.0.3, and did a lot more than bug fixes. Some new features were added, as well as nerfs and buffs that are a little on the controversial side.

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We won’t post the bug fixes here because it’s a little extreme, so we’ve linked the original news post towards the end of the article. That said, here are what Bandai Namco has called “additional elements” added to Elden Ring:

  • Added a function to record an icon and the name of an NPC on the map when you encounter that NPC.
  • Added NPC Jar-Bairn.
  • Added new quest phases for the following NPCs: Diallos/ Nepheli Loux/ Kenneth Haight/ Gatekeeper Gostoc.
  • Added some summonable NPCs in multiple situations.
  • Increased the number of patterns of objects player can imitate when using Mimic’s Veil.
  • Added night background music for some open field area.

It seems like even From Software agreed that figuring out NPC stories was just a hair too obtuse. Having the major NPC locations marked on the map is super helpful, especially when you’re trying to trigger event flags that move people to different locations.

Up next are the balance changes. Some of these are probably obvious, while others seem a little more like metagame level tweaking. Check out the list:

  • Increased the drop rate of Smithing Stone for some enemies.
  • Added Smithing Stone to some early game shop line up.
  • Increased shield’s effectiveness.
  • Increased the damage for all offensive cracked pot items.
  • Increased the damage for the following items: Spark Aromatic/Poison Spraymist.
  • Increased the effect duration for the following items: Uplifting Aromatic/ Ironjar Aromatic.
  • Increased HP healing for Torrent when using the following items: Rowa Raisin/ Sweet Raisin/ Frozen Raisin
  • Reduced FP consumption and increased the damage of the following sorceries: Glintstone Cometshard/ Comet/ Night Comet
  • Increased the damage of the following sorceries: Gravity Well/ Collapsing Stars/ Crystal Barrage
  • Decreased FP consumption of the following sorceries: Star Shower/ Rock Blaster/ Gavel of Haima/ Founding Rain of Stars/ Stars of Ruin/Greatblade Phalanx/Magic Downpour/ Loretta’s Greatbow/ Loretta’s Mastery/ Carian Greatsword/ Carian Piercer/ Shard Spiral
  • Raised projectile speed and range of Great Glintstone Shard
  • Decreased Ash of War, Hoarfrost Stomp’s damage and increase cast time.
  • Increased Ash of War, Bloody Slash’s self-inflict damage while slightly lowering the damage and increasing the cast time.
  • Decreased weapon skill, Sword of Night and Flame’s damage.
  • Increased FP consumption and lower duration of Ash of War, Barricade Shield.
  • Changed FP consumption timing of Ash of War, Prelate’s Charge.
  • Decreased the damage of spirit summoned when using the item Mimic Tear Ash and changed the spirit’s behavior pattern.
  • Other enemy and weapon balance changes

I figured a lot of the more melee-oriented nerfs were coming. These aren’t huge nerfs, as Mimic Tear has still been useful for me in boss fights. The shield bump is nice too, letting me worry less about managing Barricade until I really need it. I’m not interested in magic so it’s hard to comment on the sorcery shifts, but it looks like From wants to encourage a wider use variety.

For the bug fix notes and more Elden Ring information, here’s a link to Bandai Namco’s official release: check it out.

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