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The key illustration for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes featuring different characters.
Image via Rabbit & Bear Studios

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Best Teams Throughout the Game

The heroes have assembled

You have lots of options to build your party throughout Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. This guide goes over the best characters you can use at different points in the game.

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Table of Contents

Best Teams Throughout Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Best Team for the Early Game

Front: Nowa

Nowa is the main-est of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’s main characters, and he is consistently good throughout the entire game. You’ll have more party options later on, but you could realistically keep him around the entire time thanks to his good attack damage, decent bulk, acceptable rune selection, and strong unique skills like Swinging Slash. He’s also a medium-range attacker, meaning you can seat him in your party’s back row if you’d like.

Front: Iugo

Iugo is a fantastic frontliner with impressive defense and attack and a good unique skill to go along with them. You can recruit him right away with no hassle in the bar in Eltisweiss, too. While his rune grid is only okay, his power and ease of recruitment more than make up for such a small shortcoming early in the game.

Front: Yusuke

Yusuke is another one of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’s early recruits, and he is a great source of frontline damage for the early game. He’s one of the few characters in the game with the Charge Up command, which allows him to double (after one charge) or quadruple (after two charges) his attack damage in exchange for not being able to Defend. Yusuke will pull more than his weight in grapple damage on your early team. Just talk to him at Fort Xialuke and watch the damage fly.

Back: Falward

High MP costs and low MP stats will majorly hinder your magic users early on in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Of them all, your best will be Falward, who you can recruit in Altverden after giving him 15 healing herbs. He has good stats and a solid rune grid—and if you want to roll with two healers early on in the game, he has a Hero Combo skill with Francesca that heals and buffs the entire party.

Back: Hakugin

Hakugin is one the best back row attackers in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’s early- and even mid-game. Her stats start to fall off later, but her good damage, excellent speed, and Level 28 unique skill that deals area damage make her a fantastic party member for most of the game. Add her to your roster in Daphan Village.

Back: Lam

Lam is incredibly powerful from the moment she joins in Daphan Village until the very end of the game—you could keep her around even for the final boss if you’d like. She only has two skills, but they’re fantastic: using MP, she can boost her speed and power; and she can remove those boosts using SP to deal a lot of bonus damage. She may be an exclusively single-target striker, but she’s still one of the best pure attackers in the entire game.

Support: Marin

Marin increases the resources you gather at gathering points by 50%, which is crucial in the early game while you’re still building your base. This is a smaller bonus than Kerrin’s for lumber gathering points or Martha’s for food gathering points, but for areas with an unknown selection, or several resources present at once, Marin is a great choice for support. Talk to her brother Wylver in Bounty Hill to start the quest to recruit them both.

Alternate Options

Some other options you could consider for your party in the early-game include:

  • Your trio of starting allies:
    • Garr: A frontline tank alternative to Iugo or Yusuke. His damage is similar and he has a good unique skill and higher defense, but he’s much, much slower. Despite his lack of speed, he is usable during the entire game.
    • Mio: She’s a fast attacker with somewhat low power. Her magic is decent, however, so she shines with enchant spells (spells that add elemental damage to normal attacks). She also learns a great unique skill at Level 12. Her only weakness is that she’s a frontline fighter with very low HP and defenses.
    • Lian: Lian has good speed, power, rune slots at higher levels, and even a unique skill. She also has low HP and defenses, but she can fight from the back row if there’s room.
  • Francesca: She’s a good early-game healer who is held back by below-average HP and speed. But with some enchant spells, you can make the most of her physical attacks and magic stat combination.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Best Team for the Mid Game

Front: Seign

The second main character, Seign’s roughly equal power and magic stats make him a great candidate for enchant spells like Fire God’s Sword or Storm Front, and he has a good unique skill for attacking enemy groups. He also has a few team attacks, including one with Nowa and one with his Imperial teammates that are helpful throughout the game. If you’re worried about his defense, he has the option to equip shields, and his rune grid is solid overall. He may not provide overwhelming damage numbers, but he’s a fantastic supporting attacker and mage.

Front: CJ

“Savage” is a good description for CJ, with her good stats and awesome spammable 1 SP ability. There’s no drawback to using it every turn since you restore 1 SP every turn under normal circumstances, so you might as well do so. She also has plenty of space for status and enhancement runes in her grid. For some added fun, she has combination attacks with the other cast members of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, Isha and Garoo.

Front: Reyna

Reyna has mediocre power and limited runes, but she’s the best tank in all of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Her defense and magic defense stats are enormous and she has a very high chance of using Cover on any of her allies, taking damage in their place. Having her on your team removes some damage output, but the added survivability is more than worth it.

Back: Marisa

Marisa is Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’s third main character and the most magically inclined of the three. Her rune grid is serviceable, with a rank 4 magic slot—rank 4 being the highest option. She has great stats overall, her physical attacks can land from the back row, and she has a unique skill that damages all enemies, making her an even better choice for enchanted physical damage than Seign.

Back: Isha

This mayor of New Neveah from Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is one of the best mages in Hundred Heroes. Isha’s unique water spell is ideal for clearing mobs and uses SP instead of MP, she has excellent stats, and also a great rune grid, with two rank 4 slots for elemental magic runes. On top of that, she’s equally as effective as a healer. 

Back: Yuferius VII

Yuferius VII is another character who, like Yusuke, has the Charge Up ability. Use it twice to power up his unique SP skill. Yuferius may be attacking only once every three turns, but he’s one of your first characters who can easily dish out thousands of points worth of damage at a time.

Support: Aire

Aire doubles your walk speed. Is this really a worthwhile support ability to have in play? The answer is yes. The default walk speed in Eiyuden Chronicle is painfully slow. The Dash Boots seem like an enticing accessory, but it only increases your walk speed by 50% instead of doubling it, and it takes up an accessory slot. If you use a team of powerful heroes like the ones listed above, you can breeze by in battles while Aire helps you breeze by on the field.

If you really don’t mind slow strolls, you can use Perrielle as your support character instead. She has a chance of giving the entire party a significant buff at the start of each battle.

Alternate Options

Some other options you could consider for your party in the mid-game include:

  • Anyone from the early-game list: they’re all still good in the mid-game.
  • Melridge: He’s a solid alternative magic user to Isha with great stats and some very good unique fire spells. Unfortunately, his rune grid doesn’t allow for any rank 4 elemental runes.
  • Garoo: The final member of the Rising trio, Garoo is an excellent tanky attacker like Iugo or Garr. He’s more versatile overall thanks to his better rune slots, but his offensive stats are lower and he lacks unique skills.
  • Aleior/Chandra: These monster units have massive stats at the long and short range, respectively, and fun combo skills with Marisa and Nowa, respectively. Although they are incredibly fun to use, they take up two party slots each. The sad truth is that two different characters is always better to have than one super strong character, but Aleior and Chandra are good enough to use on your team at least for a little while.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Best Team for the Late Game

Front: Dijkstra

Dijkstra is the best support character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Instead of the Defend command, Dijkstra has Powerful Warcry, which doubles the damage of each party member’s next physical attack or skill. Yes, that is as powerful as it sounds—a team with Dijkstra and three or four physical units can and will steamroll the entire endgame. Since the only thing Dijkstra will be doing is clicking Powerful Warcry, you can load up his mediocre rune grid with passive HP and defense-boosting runes guilt-free. He won’t die, but your enemies will.

Front: Wayve

Wayve is an excellent attacker with good rune selection, a powerful unique skill, and excellent stats. His magic is especially impressive for a physical attacker, giving him the option to cast some spells for support, or to receive an enchant spell to raise his attack damage even further.

Front: Elektra

Elektra has good power and defense stats, along with the exceptionally rare combination of a thrust weapon and an open rank 4 rune. This means Elektra can use Armor Break, one of the most useful attacks in the game: if an enemy is heavily armored (such as the game’s final boss), she can break the armor immediately. This is a massive help for your party’s physical attackers. The rest of Elektra’s rune grid is superb as well. Her only drawback is that she joins very late into the game—but your late game support character can help alleviate this small shortcoming.

Back: Momo

Momo is non-negotiable. He is the best magic user in the game, bar none. He has the highest magic and MP in the game, an excellent rune grid, and one of the strongest unique passive abilities in the game: at Level 60, his magic and magic defense stats both increase by 6% for every SP he has, for a max of 30% each. Momo doesn’t have any skills that use SP naturally, so it’s very easy to reach the 30% cap. For any and all of your magic-related tasks, call on Momo.

Back: Lakian

Lakian is as deadly as he is handsome, with remarkably high power and magic, the ability to attack from long range, and a good unique skill. You should have him shooting arrows from the back row every turn, boosted by an enchant spell and Dijkstra’s Powerful Warcry. 

Back: Leene

The only way to recruit Leene (and get the game’s best ending) is to recruit all 119 of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’s characters before a certain pivotal story scene near the game’s end. For players who love skill tinkering, she is worth the wait. Her stats aren’t impressive, but she has one of the most powerful attacks in the game as a unique skill and an astounding seven (yes, seven!) rank 4 (yes, rank 4!) open rune slots. Players can build Leene however they want, be it with all six rank 4 elemental runes, seven power-enhancing runes, or quite literally anything else. Whatever you feel your party is lacking in, Leene will pick up the slack.

Support: Yulin

As a support character, Yulin doubles the experience you gain from battles. In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, characters who are significantly lower in level compared to enemies gain boosted experience to help them catch up. If you unlock the optional fights in your castle’s Mysterious Room and bring Yulin along, you can easily gain 30 or more levels in a single fight. Have Yulin tag along to help late-joining characters like Elektra and Leene catch up to the levels of your main team.

Alternate Options

Some other options you could consider for your party in the late-game include:

  • Anyone from the previous two lists: If you don’t want to build up Leene or you don’t want Yulin’s experience boost, feel free to use any favorites you have picked out. Everyone in this guide is a worthy combatant!
  • Nil: Nil is an average unit when she joins, but her stats take a dramatic leap in the endgame. At Level 43, she learns the skill magical Guided Missile Burst, and it’s just as devastating as it sounds.
  • Viesskin: Viesskin’s Draconic Fury is one of the most powerful boosting skills in the game.This elevates him from an okay frontline unit to an elite supporting unit.
  • Markus: The King of Revenants doesn’t have amazing stats, but he does have some interesting unique skills and one of the best rune grids in the entire game, making him an excellent spellcaster.

While you’ll want to recruit all of the characters in this guide for your party, you need to unlock every unit to recruit Leene and get the game’s best ending. Check out our guides on how to recruit Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’s units, including the exhausting journey to recruit Reid.

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