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8 High on Life Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

How many Easter Eggs are baked into this game?

by Daphne Fama

High On Life takes the meaning of Easter Egg and stretches it as Kenny, your wise-cracking-bullet-slinging sidekick, constantly makes references to other media. From Evangelion to Final Fantasy, they all have a place in space. There’s even a little chat about hentai and how everyone loves it. Even Nipulon, a praying mantis-esque alien who uses drugs to try to dissuade you from killing him, loves to talk about Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid.

But High On Life also has plenty of Easter Eggs that only fans of certain games, movies, and shows might catch. Here are the top eight.

8 High on Life Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Splinter Cell

Once you start the game, you’ll be put through a tutorial mode called Buck Thunder II that’s undoubtedly meant to be a reference to Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. This will become most apparent when you’re prompted to crawl through a vent. Night vision goggles will lower onto your character’s profile picture, which gives him Sam Fisher’s iconic look.

Breaking Bad, Pizza on the Roof

There are few scenes in Breaking Bad as iconic as the pizza landing on the roof. It’s practically a meme at this point, and now it’s forever immortalized in Blim City. Head straight out of your house and towards the pizzeria where you can find a Lugnox inside. Using your jetpack, zoom up to the roof and there you’ll see the pizza in all its cheesy glory.

Hellraiser Puzzle

When you first arrive in Blim City, Gene will prompt you to go to the local pawnshop. There are all manner of items here, but one is particularly suspect. It’s a puzzle, and while it’s not the iconic puzzle box, solving it does promise to send you into a pain dimension where you’ll be tortured by a cabal of demons, but sexily.

Dune, Sand Worm

One of the most terrifying Easter Eggs in High On Life is undoubtedly the Sandworms. Head to Port Terrene’s Outskirts and you’ll see signposts everywhere warning you about these massive insects. They’re not joking. Head into the desert and you’ll be attacked in short order by these terrifying, Bounty-Hunter munching aliens.

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Rick and Morty, Interdimensional Cable

Perhaps it’s unsurprising to see a Rick and Morty reference in a game created by Justin Roiland (the co-creator of Rick and Morty). Interdimensional Cable is one of the more unique and fun aspects of Rick and Morty, and the ads you’ll see around Blim City feel very inspired by it.


While one of the Warp Discs will send you to a movie theater, another will send you to Cutie Town. Cutie Town is extremely tiny and extremely breakable. And you? You’re massive by comparison. Take one step into Cutie Town and you’ll destroy everything, much like Godzilla. Unfortunately, the citizens of Cutie Town don’t have the weaponry to bring you down.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

One of the worst-kept secrets in High On Life is that you can watch not one, but four full-length movies in the game. They’re all terrible. But if you’d like to skip the couch and see a movie in a more formal setting, you can buy a Warp Disc that will take you to a movie theater. Head inside and take a seat and note the three aliens sitting in the front row. Their three silhouettes are likely a reference to Mystery Science Theater 3000, and they’ll keeping up a running commentary the entire time.

Trover Saves the Universe

At the same theater that references Mystery Science Theater 3000, you’ll see a handful of movie posters plastered to the outside of the building. One of these, Demon Wind, is the movie you can watch inside. But another of these posters is for Trover Saves the Universe, which is a game developed and published by Squanch Games in 2019.

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