EA Sports PGA Tour Season 6 Update: What’s New?

It’s a new season, which means new courses, new gear, and more!

EA Sports PGA Tour season 6 update
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EA Sports added another update to their virtual golf game. A new golf course, a new season, many performance improvements, and new features were introduced, some of which were requested by the community. Let’s find out what all of the new features are as we tee off for Season 6 in EA Sports PGA Tour.

New Golf Course Added to EA Sports PGA Tour: Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

Possibly the most exciting feature of every major PGA Tour update is the new golf course being introduced to the game. The host of the 2023 Ryder Cup, the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, has been added to EA Sports PGA Tour to take us virtual golfers into the new season and a new era. It’s the first time in the history of the Ryder Cup that the tournament will be played on the Italian golf course, meaning we’ll get to enjoy the history being made.

Despite being held at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club this year, all previous hosts of the Ryder Cup will be playable as well. Some of them are:

  • Kiawah Island, 
  • Oak Hill, 
  • The Country Club, and 
  • Whistling Straits.

Additionally, the Ryder Cup will be playable in multiple game modes and will not be restricted to Career Mode. You’ll be able to play the Ryder Cup in the following modes:

  • Career,
  • Online, 
  • Tournaments, 
  • Challenges, 
  • Quick Play, and
  • Private Match

New 2v2 Team Formats Available in Multiple Game Modes

Players will now be able to enjoy 2v2 team matches while golfing in Foursomes and Four-Ball, in Online and Private Match modes. When playing Online Mode, players will be able to choose if they want to be matched with a stranger or invite a friend to have them as a teammate.

Other game modes that will also be Ryder Cup-focused are Challenges Mode, Weekly and Seasonal Tournaments, and Quick Play. Challenges Mode will focus on historical events that took place over the years in the Ryder Cup, with the 2023 moments of the distinguished cup coming post-Season 6 update release.

EA Sports PGA Tour: New Low-View Putting Camera Zoom

That’s right, players will now be able to zoom in from the ball to the hole without having to interrupt their aim location (the little arrow on the greens). This will help players get a better read of the putting surface, especially on long puts. Players will be able to lift and drop the zoom camera. This is an improvement that couldn’t come any sooner and something that should have been implemented ages ago.

Maximum Level of Created Golfers Increased in EA Sports PGA Tour

The maximum level of your created golfer has now increased from 50 to 60 on EA Sports PGA Tour. This, sadly, might impact players who have steadily or rapidly improved their created golfers to a top level, while golfers with a lower OVR will barely notice the difference in OVR calculations. Players will now have to get back on that grind and earn those Skill Points again.

This also displays that EA is staying true to its word when stating early on, around the release of the game, that players will not be able to max out their created golfers. The related posts above has more on maxing out your golfer in the game.

EA Sports PGA Tour Pro Pass Updated

The Pro Pass has been updated, which means new challenges and quests to complete when playing in different modes. Your Pro Pass will consist of a free tier and a premium tier, offering plenty of rewards. 

The countdown above displays how many days are left until the Ryder Cup event ends. 

There are 50 levels to complete the Pro Pass 100%, with items, points, reward points, tournament tokens, and new specs as rewards. This Pro Pass, like the initial one, will be available for a limited time and ends in 27 days from the time of writing this.

New Apparel, Specs, and More Added to the PGA Tour Store

The EA Sports PGA Tour Shop has been replenished with new gear to wear and specs to boost your equipment and swing. Sticking with the theme of the Ryder Cup, players will be able to obtain Team USA and Team Europe clothing and bag sets, which look really cool.

For some who love the pro golfer look, they will most likely enjoy what the store has for them. For those who were loving the Jordans, Air Max, and Adidas drops, they might be a bit underwhelmed. Although, the Adidas hats are some of the best new items added and some of the best in the game so far.

A new addition to the virtual golf game is the new XP booster, which helps golfers increase the rate at which they receive XP. Because this new store feature holds a lot of potential to help players earn many skill points over a quicker period, XP boosters will only be available in the store at certain times throughout this season. Hopefully, it will not be removed with next season’s update and it will stay a permanent fixture in EA Sports PGA Tour.

Online Leaderboards Upgraded For Better Tracking

The online leaderboards have been upgraded to cater to other game modes that were not included since the initial launch. Scores in Four-ball and Foursome game modes can be tracked now. Included with the update of the leaderboard and in time for the Ryder Cup, “Top 100 Teams Leaderboard”. Another new feature added with Season 6.

It’s an update that almost creates a brand-new game once again and long may it continue. For more on EA Sports PGA Tour, you can read: EA Sports PGA Tour: How to Change Tournament Settings to One Round

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