EA Sports PGA Tour: How to Change Tournament Settings to One Round

The best new feature is one-round tournaments.

EA Sports PGA Tour round settings
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When playing a tournament in EA Sports PGA Tour, it could sometimes take a long time to complete the entire tournament because of how many rounds you would have to play. Thankfully, with every major update come significant improvements and new features. One of the biggest new features that has pleased many is the addition of one-round golf tournaments. In this post, I’ll be taking players through the process of how to change this feature and where to find it.

How to Change Tournament Settings to One Round in EA Sports PGA Tour

To change the settings to one round in EA Sports PGA Tour, you’ll need to open Career Mode from the main menu. When in the Career Mode menu, press Triangle to open and change Career Settings. You’ll then open the PGA Tour Season Settings. These settings will allow you to adjust the length of the tournament if you want to play quick, long, full, or short rounds of golf.

where to change tournament round length in PGA Tour
Change Tournament Settings to One-Round Tournaments (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Here you will see the Regular Events, the Major Events, and all other events that can be edited. You must scroll to every event and change them individually where you see the option Rounds Per Event. Change this option to 1 round per event for each event. Depending on how you would like to experience Career Mode will determine the changes you make. If you want to play one-round tournaments in between the bigger events while leaving the big events on full rounds, you can do just that.

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If you want to make all of the events, big or small, the same length, you can do that as well. Just be sure to apply and save the settings made by pressing X. This setting is perfect to help your golfer progress at a quick rate, earning a substantial amount of XPs while being able to enjoy the full golf course by playing all the holes once. 

EA has certainly been doing it right with the PGA Tour because they’ve made it a new-generation exclusive and listened to all of the players. They’ve improved an already awesome game. A major factor helping EA deliver outstanding updates, such as the one-round tournaments and the inclusion of the three-click swing, is how the PGA Tour runs.

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