EA Sports PGA Tour: Can Players Change Between Ryder Cup Teams?

Are you team USA or team Europe?

can you change ryder cup teams
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The Ryder Cup is here in EA Sports PGA Tour, compliments of the Season 6 update. With the update come new themes, items, features, and more. Trying to continuously improve the golf game that we so deeply enjoy. Once your PGA Tour updates to the latest version on your respective system and you log into the game, you’ll have to make the tough decision of having to choose where your alliance stands. Is it with Team USA or Team Europe?

If you are not too sure and want to test the waters first but don’t know if you can change between continental teams, we are here to find that out. So the question stands: can players swap between the USA and Europe after choosing their team? Keep reading to learn the answer to this question.

Can Players Change Between Ryder Cup Teams in EA Sports PGA Tour?

Unfortunately, no. No, players cannot change their alliance from the USA team to the European team during the Ryder Cup season and beyond. Once you’ve selected your team, you’ll be locked in with that specific team for the rest of the campaign. Therefore, all players must make smart decisions and make sure they pick a team they are happy with for the long term. 

This will affect all game modes, barring Career mode, if you haven’t reached the Ryder Cup stages. Once you’ve switched from any of the other modes in EA Sports PGA Tour to Career mode, your golfer’s kit will revert to what you were wearing before you chose Team US or Team Europe.

Players from the USA and Europe will have no problem choosing their respective teams, considering they are patriotic and have strong loyalty. Those outside of the world’s most famous continents will have a tougher time picking a team. I went with team Europe, following the disappointing news that only players from America will be able to participate in the first PGA of America eSeries tournament taking place next month. I took it personally but will eventually get over it. The show must go on, and clubs must be swung.

If you are one of the lucky players who are from America and want to know how to register for the first of many live tournaments in EA Sports PGA Tour, you can read: How to Sign Up & Compete in the PGA of America Series?

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