EA Sports PGA Tour: How to Sign Up & Compete in the PGA of America eSeries

Reward Points and money are up for grabs. Are you joining in on the eSeries?

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Do you want to participate in the first-ever PGA of America eSeries tournament for virtual golfers in EA Sports PGA Tour? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place to find out how to register and compete in what seems like an exciting live tournament. To find out more, keep reading.

How to Sign Up for the PGA of America eSeries in EA Sports PGA Tour

To sign up for the PGA of America eSeries, you need to follow simple steps to register, compete, and win. Below is an in-depth explanation of how to enter the eSeries competition.

How to Register for the PGA of America eSeries in EA Sports PGA Tour

Players can register for the PGA of America by logging onto the EA site and selecting the console of their choice. On the EA website, players must scroll all the way down until they see an option for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S. The first part of the registration is to own a copy of EA Sports PGA Tour. So if you own one, you are already halfway there.


Challenges differ between Xbox and PlayStation. If you register now and are one of the first 1,500 players to register for the eSeries, you’ll earn some Reward Points in-game. Once you’ve registered your console, you’ll be instantly ready to compete.

How Will the Tournament Be Structured for the PGA of America eSeries?

The structure of the PGA of America eSeries tournament will consist of three rounds running from October 7 to October 24. In the opening matches, only the top 32 players from each qualifier will progress to the next round, the Champs Qualifiers. This first set of qualifiers occurs on October 7th, 9th, and 14th.

Following the round qualifiers in the Champs Qualifiers, the list will be cut down even further into a smaller list. It will be a single weekend of golf played on multiple courses over the weekend of October 15. There will be 8 groups, with 12 golfers per group. Only the winner of each group plus two wildcard players (non-winners) with the best scores will proceed to the tournament’s final round. The game mode that will be played in this round will be a Stroke Play Tour.

The finale to the PGA of America series will be a 10-player event titled the Championship Event, which takes place on October 24. There is prize money and Reward Points involved, and players who finish within the top four will get a portion of the $4,250 in prize money.


If you don’t know how to play Stroke Play, you can try it out in Quick Play to see what it’s about and how the rules work. 

The Rewards for the Top 4 Places in the PGA of America Tournament

There will be tournament prize money and in-game currency available as winnings. The tournament prize money of $4,250 will be split as follows: 

PositionCash WinningsReward Points
1st Place$2,500200,000 Points
2nd Place$1,000100,000 Points
3rd Place$50080,000 Points
4th Place$25060,000 Points

Prizes will not be limited to the final but will differ between the different stages of the event and will depend on the position you finish in. The final player who will receive rewards is the 300th-placed player. The rewards for the players outside of the top four will be:

  • Reward Points,
  • XP Points, and
  • PGA Tour Points.

Unfortunately, this inaugural PGA of America eSeries is not for all virtual golfers; only players from America can sign up and join in. Those outside of the States will have to watch all the fun unfold. Players who plan on participating in the event will be able to seek professional help to improve their golf game with a PGA of America coach. There are youth, beginner, improvement, and group coaches. Following the same link to sign up for the tournament will take you to the coach’s availability list. 

Start Practicing Your Short & Long Game in EA Sports PGA Tour

All start times for the tournament are at 14:00 CT. Don’t wait too long, and register now to get some of those early Reward Points. With the tournament starting in a matter of days from writing this, it’s best to get on the fairway and greens and practice your golf swing.

Do as many challenges as you possibly can while trying to play on every golf course in the game so that you can familiarize yourself with all the holes, leaving nothing to chance. For more EA Sports PGA Tour content, you can read All EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters Shot Types Listed

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