EA Sports PGA Tour: What’s New in Season 4 Ahead of The Open?

A new course, new challenges, and much more were included with The Open Update.


The latest update for EA Sports PGA Tour is titled Season 4: The Open. With every new season comes another new golf course, updates all around, and a swing at a new innovative way to enjoy the game of golf. 

Due to the size of the update that happens on the eve of the next major golfing event, I’ve split Season 4’s update into two posts with this one focusing on the biggest upgrades and improvements made to the game.

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New Golf Course Added to EA Sports PGA Tour in Season 4: The Open

The new golf course added to PGA Tour takes us on a journey from the US to England to the prestigious Royal Liverpool Golf Club for its 151st Open Championship. 

It’s now the third new course added to the initial 30 on release, following Oak Hill Country Club and The Los Angeles Country Club. The event commences on July 20th and will run until Sunday, July 23rd. 

New Royal Liverpool Golf Club Course (Screenshot via Prima Games)

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Major Improvements Made to EA Sports PGA Tour

There were improvements made to Career Mode, Online Mode, and the main menu. They are as follows: 

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PGA Tour Career Mode

A major update made in Career Mood and after the introduction of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club is that the Open Championship will now alternate between the Royal Liverpool Golf Club and St Andrews. 

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Another massive improvement that I’m very in favor of is that players are now able to swap between quick and full rounds before they tee off for each round. Before, it was only possible to change the tournament settings and select quick or full rounds per tournament. To make certain these changes are noticeable, an additional pop-up has been added to notify players of what changes will be locked in before they tee off.

New Career Mode Settings For The Open (Screenshot via Prima Games)

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PGA Tour Online Mode Changes Made

Online Mode changes involve better matchmaking capabilities. Players will be allowed to join a lobby within one minute after the initial matchmaking of the match. This means players have 60 seconds before the window closes to join the game of golf, and creating a 16-man match should be a smoother process and happen more regularly than previously.

Online Mode will also be themed from now on. Each playlist will feature a smaller set of random courses, along with various course conditions and weather settings. This has already been added but is still a work in progress, according to EA.

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EA has updated the main menu in order to create a better and easier means of communication between them and all the players. The main menu will now support and display dynamic messages to help with major updates made to the game. 

When new content is added, players can now give immediate feedback in the case of any errors or bugs showing up while they enjoy the latest improvements and enhancements made to the virtual golf game. 

Season 4 Main Menu – The Open (Screenshot via Prima Games)

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New Content & Store Upgrades 

EA has also added a few more specs and items to the PGA Tour store. The new specs can be earned through weekly quests, weekly tournaments, and seasonal tournaments. They are:

  • Impact Series: Improves Power and Accuracy attributes, and
  • Pathfinder Series: Improves Control and Recovery attributes

When viewing the store, new cosmetics will now be rotating throughout the store. They include:

  • Callaway 2023 Open Championship Staff Bag,
  • Scotty Cameron Newport Super Select 2.5 Putter,
  • Loads of new Nike apparel, including a bucket hat, and
  • A “Unisex” icon has been added to store items to clarify which items can be shared between self-made pros of different genders, 

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Still to Come on EA Sports PGA Tour (Screenshot via Prima Games)

EA PGA Tour Updates in Progress Still

Leaving the work in progress for last, EA has confirmed that they are working tirelessly to add two of the most highly requested features, which are: one-round tournaments in Career Mode and turn-based match play for Online and Private matches. 

When could we see these two major new features added to the game? As per the creators, it will hopefully be ready by the next major update happening next month, with new information on the features coming between now and then.

That’s it for all the major improvements made and new features added to EA Sports PGA Tour. What are you most excited about coming this weekend with The Open? To see the list of all the golf courses added to the game, you can read: All Golf Courses in ​​EA Sports PGA Tour Listed.

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