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EA Sports PGA Tour Patch Note 5.0  

It’s another long list of improvements made by EA to PGA Tour!

EA Sports PGA Tour Season 4 update, like its predecessors, comes with many bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features. This time around to make the read more digestible for all players and readers, I’ve split the Season 4 update into two separate articles. 

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In this article, I’ll only be focusing on the bug fixes and performance improvements made, while the other will tell readers what new has been added. Let’s get into all the alterations added to the latest EA Sports Update…

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Game Mode Improvements Made in PGA Tour

Bug fixes and major performance enhancements have been made to the following game modes:

Game ModesUpdates 
Quick Play, and
– Players who were experiencing incorrect yardage being displayed, having trouble when changing golfers, unplayable lie errors, golfers disappearing and reappearing unlock issues, 
– Long Drive” challenge has been corrected, and
– Other performance issues were fixed as well.

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Fifteen golf courses in EA Sports PGA Tour have been updated. They and their updates are:

PGA Tou Golf CourseUpdates & Bug Fixes
Augusta National,
Banff Springs,
Evian Resort,
Kiawah Island,
Lighthouse Pointe,
Oak Hill,
St Andrews,
The Country Club,
Top of the Rock,
Torrey Pines,
TPC Sawgrass,
TPC Scottsdale, and
– Fixes were made to the putting grid, which was being obscured when using the low-view camera on the greens on certain courses,
– Fixes to the tree hitbox being too big on some greens,
– Flags with reversed logos on the backside have been fixed, 
– Collision has been added to some of the courses’ rocks, walls, and grandstands,
– They Fixed sand clippings in bunkers and updated the bunker textures, 
– The crowd has been updated on some courses, 
– Replant brighter flowers and added darker soil,
– Some holes moved around on certain courses, 
– Fixed to seeing buildings pop in and out when using the zoom camera, 
– Fixed floating trees and shrubs, and
– Removed divots on certain courses.

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Upgrades & Fixes for Golfers & Hairstyles

Golfer Update 
Patrick CantlayHas a generic black bag now.
Danielle Kang– Now wears FootJoy Premiere shoes, and hair clipping by cap issue has been fixed.
Xander Schauffele,
Nelly Korda, and
Dustin Johnson

– All these pros use the white ball instead of gray.
Jessica Korda– The issue of her legs disappearing when changing outfits has been fixed.
Sungjae– Faicl Update to a less pale complexion

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Outfits & Gear

There were updates made to the graphics colors on the TaylorMade 2023 Summer Commemorative Staff Bag. The U.S. Open Logo has been set to fit and does not look stretched anymore. 

EA fixed the low-resolution texture and logos appearing on some equipment and gear, and the different color glove issue. Lastly, they fixed the 5 not being visible on the “TaylorMade TP5 PIX – Bacon and Eggs” golf ball and seeing the ”Equip to All” button when navigating to a category.


In-store fixes see EA solve the icons for some Super Stroke grips being displayed backward, duplicate clubs after using “Equip to All” on a newly purchased club shaft, and the main menu tabs disappearing if the player starts a PS5 Activity while in the “Equip to All” screen. An update to hide the timers if items are available for more than 7 days in the store.

EA Sports PGA Tour – The Open Main Menu (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Visual & Audio

They fixed pre-shot cameras that were sometimes blocked by large rocks and other obstacles around the greens. They’ve also addressed the commentary issues in Career Mode and fixed the main menu and gameplay music overlapping in certain instances.

For a fully detailed list of all the changes made with Patch Note 5.0, you can check out EA Sports

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Career– Scaled some of the tournament names, Fixed showing OWGR points instead of statistics, and
– Removed the “Continue Offline” button from the network disconnection pop-up.
Challenges– Fixed some of the challenge sequence descriptions being outside of the viewable screen area to the left.
Equipment– Fix for bag indicator disappearing after using the “Equip to All” button, and
– Fixed incorrect text on the “Equip to All” confirmation pop-up for certain items.
Event Info Screen– Fixed navigating to Quests and back out causing a mismatch between the tab selected and which screen is displayed.
Gameplay– Added a description to the bottom of the scorecard screen that explains the basic rules of the current format.
– Fixed the “THRU” text in the scorecard being off by one when playing in formats that use matchplay scoring.
– Updated the scorecard layout and design for 2v2 formats like Foursomes and Four-Ball.
– Fix for being able to view an empty Shot Types screen when playing offline.
– Fixed instances where players were able to continue playing Tournaments,
Golfer Creation– Fix for being able to exit the golfer creation flow before completing it by quickly navigating in and out of an appearance category.
Main Menu– Fixed switching tabs quickly after entering the main menu for the first time, which caused Scottie Scheffler to be displayed instead of players’ created golfers. 
– Fixed the golf bag when visible in the main menu after a network disconnect,
– Removed redundant “Lost Connection” pop-up shown if a network disconnect occurred during gameplay, and
– Fixed seeing sub-tabs that require connection remaining visible after a network disconnection.
Rewards– Fixed the “Equip” button not working on newly unlocked items.
– Fixed the “Equip” screen having the bag selection and description panel misaligned.
– Fix for seeing an empty screen if the player disconnects and reconnects to the network while viewing rewards.
Settings– Fixes were made for the incorrect images being displayed if the setting was viewed while the game was still being installed. 
Accessibility– Fixed menu narration incorrectly pronouncing wind directions due to misinterpreting abbreviations.

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Stability & Performance

In EA Sports PGA Tour the soft lock error that occurred after a network disconnect when some players viewed the event info screen or shot types screen and tried to advance to gameplay has been fixed. The issue of losing all tab navigation if a network disconnect was experienced while in the gameplay settings was solved.

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A fix for accepting an invite or starting a PS5 Activity while in the event info screen causing unexpected behavior such as soft locks or incorrect settings for the next round has been carried out. Memory optimizations for various course textures and additional crash and stability-related fixes have been carried out as well.

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Updates to PGA Tour for PC Players

PC– Pressing the [`~] key resulting in losing all keyboard input has been repaired,
– Mouse support has now been added to the “Select Loft” screen, and
– The controller disconnection pop-up was showing an Xbox button hint by default instead of a keyboard button.

That is everything you need to know about the latest automatic update that will take place the next time you put your respective system on and before you start taking on the challenges for the big event happening over the weekend, starting Thursday at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. 

For more on EA Sports PGA Tour, you can read: How to Enable Fast Play on EA Sports PGA Tour and learn how to speed up the game between shots. 

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