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EA Sports PGA Tour: How to Switch to 3-Click Swing

Are you tired of the analog stick? Not to worry, there is something for you!

EA announced a major update for PGA Tour a couple of weeks back, and with it, players have been reintroduced to some “new” tricks in the game that was added with the patch. 

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One of the new tricks is the swinging mechanism, the 3-click swing, which eliminates using the analog stick to swing the club. This method of swinging is so old that it’s part of the furniture in golf and EA Sports PGA Tour and is more for players who prefer the traditional gameplay style.

EA Sports PGA Tour | 3-Click Swing Option
3-Click Swing (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

In this article, we will explain how to change from using the analog swing mechanism to the 3-click swing mechanism.

How to Switch to 3-Click Swing in EA Sports PGA Tour

The first step is to head to the Settings menu on the central HUB by pressing R1 or L1. Once you have entered the Settings menu, you must ensure you are on the Gameplay menu. You’ll see the title of the settings at the top of the list of options. 

EA Sports PGA Tour | Settings_Menu | 3-Click Swing
Settings Menu (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Once you have entered the Gameplay menu, the third step is to locate the Swing Mechanics option right at the top of the list. Press left or right to change to the 3-click swing mechanism.

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The fourth step is to press X to apply all changes made. Once confirmation pops up in the bottom right corner, you can select your game mode and 3-click away. If you struggle to adjust to the old-school swinging, you can always change back to your previous settings.

Very important to note: If you change while in-game, the settings will save for that round of golf only and revert to the previous setting after you’re done with the full round. Players will have to change the settings in the main settings hub for it to be permanent.

If you want to learn more about EA’s new mechanics, read EA Sports PGA Tour – Road to the Masters Pure Strike Explained.

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