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EA Sports PGA Tour: All Pre-Address Buttons Explained

The pre-shot is as important as the shot in EA Sports PGA Tour.

If you’re playing EA Sports PGA Tour Road to the Masters, you are either having fun using all 20 shot types or struggling to get the ball to the hole in misery. To enjoy the golf game to the fullest, you need to know the controls.

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There are two stances when getting ready to swing away: the pre-address stance and the address stance. In this post, Prima Games will discuss the pre-address stance, what all the Pre-Address Buttons are used for, and how best to use them. Getting familiar with all the controls is standard procedure in any game, and PGA Tour is no exception to the unspoken law.

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EA Sports PGA Tour | Shot Prep
Pre-Address Stance (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Working off the image above, let’s start on the left and work our way to the right. 

All Pre-Address Buttons Explained in EA Sports PGA Tour

There are 10 buttons to note before making your decisive shot for an eagle, birdy, or par. The pre-address buttons help you adjust and prep for the best stroke achievable.

The 10 Pre-Address Buttons are as Follows:

  • X (PS)/A (Xbox)
  • Triangle(PS)/Y (Xbox)
  • Square (PS)/X (Xbox)
  • Directional Pad (PS & Xbox)
  • Right Stick (PS & Xbox)
  • Touchpad (PS)/View Button (Xbox)
  • L1 and R1 (PS)/Left Bumper and Right Bumper (Xbox)
  • L2 and R2 (PS)/Right Trigger and Left Trigger (Xbox)

Now looking at them in-depth and how to use the pre-address stance to your advantage.

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Address Ball – X-Button (PS)/A-Button (Xbox)

Although this is the first button in the discussion, it should be the last one you press before making the shot. Do not press until satisfied with your club selection, shot type, line, and length.

EA Sports PGA Tour | Put in-game
Address Ball Stance (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Zoom/Slow Zoom (Hold) – Triangle (PS)/Y-Button (Xbox)

This is one of the most important tools in your arsenal and must be used regularly before making a shot. With zoom, you’ll see where your ball will land more or less, making it easier to know how you need to adjust for a shot closer to the cup. 

You’ll be able to see if you need to change your club or add fade or spin to your ball. To zoom back out to your golfer’s viewpoint, press the triangle/Y-button or X/A-button to address the ball.

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EA Sports PGA Tour | Graphics
View Mode In-Game (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Reset Shot – Square (PS)/X-Button (Xbox)

This will reset the settings, trajectory, and pitch to the default shot. You can reset it as many times as you’d like. So don’t be scared to play around with the controls and see the different areas on the course where you can place your ball before getting into your swinging stance.  

Aim – Directional Pad (PS & Xbox)

The directional pad on the control positions and lines your golfer up for the shot being made. If you turn your golfer left or right, your marker will turn left or right. Depending on the club and the range of the club in use, up and down will push the shot further or closer. When using this tool, you must consider the wind, as it will affect your shot.

Important note: The directional pad can be used in pre-address and address stances, which means you can move the location of your shot at any time and in any stance. 

EA Sports PGA Tour | Putting Grid
Shot Direction In-Game(Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

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Shot Shape – Right Stick (PS & Xbox)

Use the right stick to get your ball to fly true and straight, fade away, or draw in the opposite direction by shaping your shot. If you zoom in with triangle, you’ll see how the shot shape affects the final result of where your ball lands. 

With the right stick, you can choose to shape your shot in the following ways:

  • Straight
  • Fade, low fade & high fade
  • Draw, low draw & high draw

This option is displayed in the bottom-right corner of the screen with a golf ball, next to the shot type and golf club options.

Course Overview – Touchpad (PS)/View Button (Xbox)

The course overview displays an aerial view of the course and location markers with the distance between you and each marker. It helps you plan your strategy and help you decide what club to use. You could also use it to judge how many shots you should take to complete the hole.

EA Sports PGA Tour | Course Overview
Course Overview (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Change Shot Type – L1 and R1 (PS)/Right Bumper and Left Bumper (Xbox)

In the bottom-right corner of the screen, you’ll see the options to change the shot type. Changing the shot type to approach, punch, stinger, etc., will determine where your ball lands and how the ball behaves. Good to know how to use it if there is a considerable roll-off and you need to avoid obstacles such as water hazards or bunkers.

Change Club – L2 and R2 (PS)/Right Trigger and Left Trigger (Xbox)

You’ll find options to change the club in the same corner and below L1 and R1. Changing the club will shorten or increase the distance of your shot and influence the ball’s behaviour. Knowing what clubs are used for long drives, short punches, and other shot types is essential to your game. 

Switching your club will help identify what clubs are more potent for a long drive and where to use them if you are teeing off, on the fairways, close to the greens, or on the greens.

We’ve not addressed the PC buttons. Although it is supported, it’s recommended to use a controller for the best golfing experience.

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