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EA Scores a Hole-in-One With Latest PGA Tour Fixes and Additions

EA’s bringing back an OG while removing all of the bugs — or so we hope.

The community has spoken, and EA will oblige. EA Sports PGA Tour Road to the Masters launched on April 7, and already updates are being made to the game to help improve the immersive experience while golfing on the world’s best golf courses. 

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Some updates must be added to the new EA Sports title, while others have already been implemented and are live. The update still to come is the one that will see significant improvements and additions made to the mechanics, game modes, online features, and more. 

In this post, Prima Games will list all of the latest add-ons and improvements coming and what’s already been rectified in the game.

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EA Sports PGA Tour | Game Modes |
Game Modes (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

EA Sports PGA Tour Updates Coming

Road to the Masters looks to be making some noteworthy improvements that, in my opinion, should only increase the fun and the experience. Let’s look at them as we detail the most exciting new features coming soon.

3-Click Swing

The OG 3-Click Swing will return for EA Sports and be introduced to Road to the Masters later in April. A large population of the PGA Tour community wanted the popular golfing mechanics added to the game, and they’ll be getting what they want.

Once installed, it will offer a second option for those not into the analogue stick single-motion swinging mechanism. How it affects the Pure Strike and Fluid Swing Mechanics features is yet to be seen. Hopefully, it doesn’t take them away from it, as they are elements of the game with loads of potential.

EA Sports PGA Tour Road to the Masters | Tee off
Pure Striker Feature (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Updates to Putting Grids

This update includes fixes and the addition of the green grid fading away following every put. The community pointed it out, and the dev team listened. It will allow for a better visual and end product when putting. 

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EA Sports PGA Tour | Put in-game
Putting Grid In-Game (Screenshot: EA Sports PGA Tour)

Fast Play

This new feature will unquestionably go down well with the public. Fast Play is a package allowing players to enable and disable cutscenes, player reactions, and more. Speeding up the game will make for a fun and better golf experience. 

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Other Issues Solved and Updates Included in EA Sports PGA Tour: 

  • Online Game Formats
  • Camera Angle and Zoom Issues
  • Career Mode Options – EA want to implement some more options inside Career Mode
  • Cup Physics – changing the size of the cup
  • Putt Meter and Button Hints (there will be additional hints and suggestions will be added to assist)
  • Online Matchmaking
EA Sports PGA Tour | Track Man Feature
TrackMan Feature (Screenshot EA Sports PGA Tour)

Updates Already Introduced to EA Sports PGA Tour Road to the Masters

Below is a list of issues that have been addressed that involve the gameplay, audio, visual, and general bug fixes.

Fixes Live in the Game Are as Follows:

  • An issue where players repeatedly looped when trying to claim tournament rewards
  • Career Mode problem causing some users’ games to crash when resuming a round of playoffs
  • Compatibility issues related to specific monitors and TV’s with Dolby Vision HDR that were causing the game to crash
  • An issue that would cause a crash if players changed menu tabs too quickly while tooltips were enabled
  • Text pop-ups or Hole Out VFX over the hole for all games removed, with an option to enable or disable the feature added
  • Four new formats were added to PGA Tour (one for each gameplay style to private match)
  • Players control the difficulty level in a private match.

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