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Change how you upgrade your squad with Player Evolution

deep dive into player evolution
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It will soon be all eyes on EA Sports FC and Ultimate Team. Following all of the big reveals over the last month or more, all that’s left to do is wait for launch day and play. But before we get to September 29, which isn’t too far away, there is plenty to discuss and learn. One of the discussions is Ultimate Team and Player Evolution. In this post, I’ll explain what this feature brings to the World’s Game and how it changes it.

What is Player Evolution in EA Sports FC?

Player Evolution is the way forward in how you build your squad in FC 24 Ultimate Team. This new feature will be a big player in preparing your team’s starting lineup, who to sell, and who you stick with for the long run, trusting in their growth. For the first time in the history of Ultimate Team, players can customize and improve players within their squad.

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another example of player evolution in fc 24
Player Evolution (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Say, for instance, that you have a squad player with some of the lowest attributes. You would typically consider a quick sale if the player can be sold and see how much funds you can make for a player whose stats are much better suited for your team. Now, you don’t have to sell and can consider keeping that player for the long haul and improving his skills, which will level up their OVR.

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Having used a bench player as an example does not mean you are limited to them for Player Evolutions. No, all FC 24 players will be able to upgrade their best-rated footballers and level them up. 

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How Does Player Evolution Work & What’s Required?

To effectively utilize Player Evolution, you must complete challenges with the specific player you want to evolve to the next level. You must commit these Evolution Players to an Evolution slot to do this.

Although you can Evolve weak and strong players on the rosters, you cannot use Evolution on any player in EA Sports FC 24. Players must meet specific requirements to be eligible for upgrades. Or, player items must meet the Evolution requirements. To ensure Player Evolution is balanced throughout the many campaigns, a selection of Evolutions will be freely available for players to enter each season. Others will have coins/points requirements.

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What Attributes Can Be Upgraded With Player Evolution?

Attributes that can be upgraded are the player’s base attributes and what makes the player special. Only after you’ve completed each level of the challenge can you collect your upgrade. The following attributes can be Evolved with player Evolution:

  • Alternative Positions
  • PlayStyles
  • Skill Moves 
  • Weak Foot
  • Work Rate
how player evolution works in fc 24
Player Evolution: Different Challenges & Different Rewards (Screenshot via Prima Games)

If you partake in challenges that work on the weak foot or test a player’s work rate, that player’s weak foot and work rate will upgrade with Player Evolution. This is certainly not the final product, and throughout the Ultimate Team season, EA will add more Evolutions and challenges. Some Player Evolutions will be available for a limited time only, while others will be available for the campaign’s duration. For more on EA Sports FC content, you can read: Can You Transfer EA Sports FIFA 23 Points to EA Sports FC 24?

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