EA Sports FC 24: How to Become an FC Founder

A new era begins in The World’s Game, and we’re all invited to be Founders!

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It is clear that EA is putting in the effort to make sure that the step into the era of EA Sports FC is not only the most fun but also the most formidable they’ve done to date. To ensure players get their due for purchasing and playing FC 24, they’ve introduced a new feature called FC Founder. In this post, I’ll be discussing how to become an FC Founder and what it all entails to be a Founder of the World’s Game.

How to Become an EA Sports FC Founder

To become an FC Founder of EA Sports FC, players must purchase and play FC 24 before November 1. This special and limited title will entitle players to special rewards and benefits, such as kits, badges, and other in-game items. These items will not only be available for the latest EA Sports FC release but also for the foreseeable future. It’s a one-time offer for all players.

EA Sports FC 24 Founder All Rewards 

All the FC Founder’s rewards have not been detailed yet, and more will be discovered closer to the launch of the game in September and thereafter. Here are the rewards that we know about:

  • FUT Benefits
  • A kit to represent your FC Founder status for FC 24 and beyond
  • Access to a bunch of great Founders-only benefits for FC 24 and beyond 
  • A Founder’s badge for FC Ultimate Team

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The idea to bring in EA Sports FC 24’s Founders opportunity is a smart sales initiative brought to us by EA. It compels players who were on the fence about buying the new game to actually consider the purchase. If they miss out now, they’ll never be able to obtain the title. This could see a rise in pre-order purchases as well as a bucket load of sales before the cutoff date, November 1.

This is also an exciting feature added to the many new features EA FC has installed for us come September. For more on EA Sports FC 24, you can read: Will EA Sports FC 24 Have VAR Included as a New Feature?

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