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EA Sports FC 24 Matchday Experience: Best 3 New Features

Be part of the action in FC 24 and experience a Matchday like never before.

EA has taken what we enjoy over a weekend from all the top leagues around the globe, which include the Bundesliga, English Premier League, La Liga, and midweek European competitions, and almost emphatically transferred that into EA Sports FC 24 with their new Matchday Experience and many other new features.

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Following the deep dive into the Matchday Experience and all of the other game modes, it’s clear that immersion, simulation, and a pro football experience coupled with a unique gameplay experience are at the forefront of their creational thought process. This has forced EA to pull out all the stops and construct what looks like their best work on and off the pitch yet. In this post, I’ll be discussing and picking the best three new features coming with the Matchday Experience in FC 24. 

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EA FC 24 Matchday Experience Insight Overlays: Stats & Highlights

The Insight Overlay is the best new feature added to the Matchday Experience. It removes having to replay the highlights by yourself, as well as effectively removing the boring halftime stats, which you would just read on your own time between halves and after the final whistle. Do you even read them? It’s now been replaced with what we are accustomed to when watching any league or competition match. A proper Super Sunday.

Insight Overlays, New Matchday Feature in FC 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

A huge component of football is watching ex-pros or legends review and analyze the highlights of a match with the in-game stats. Nothing beats knowing who had the most shots on goal and the highest possession—reviewing the best attacks created by both teams as well as revisiting and scrutinizing controversial calls made by match officials. Heading in this direction is one of the best decisions made by EA for FC 24.

This not only gives the Matchday Experience a new look and feel but also gives young and new FC 24 players another way to learn about the World’s Game quicker and more comprehensively. Additionally, players will have a better idea of what to do in the second half if they are leading or chasing a game.

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Matchday Experience: Dynamic Match Intro From Buildup to Kick-off

The buildup almost looks too real on the Unreal Engine. From the tunnel to the pitch, the buildup experience on Matchday just keeps getting better and better. EA has gone from a random camera showing off the stadium to having little kids walk out with the players onto the pitch, as we see on TV in today’s games.

EA Sports FC New Matchday Feature: Walk Out (Screenshot via Prima Games)

There are no random or limited shots of players only anymore. EA has added nice little details such as fans entering the stadium with their tickets in hand, players walking out with youngsters in team colors, and some good close-ups of fans in the stands roaring and ready for the action about to take place. It’s a captivating and exciting experience. Additionally, the intros will be mode-specific, giving us players a unique experience with each game mode we play.

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Final Top New Matchday Feature in FC 24: Matchday Menu

The matchday menu is the last feature to make the top-three list. Being able to easily enter and navigate to different areas of the stadium, go to the teams’ dressing rooms, conduct interviews in the commentary gantry, or be on the pitch with the subs before the game will undoubtedly make you feel like a pro and allow you to enjoy the Matchday Experience more.

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This is another way players will learn more about the game. EA’s interviews will have players answer questions about certain performances, possibly testing their knowledge about football history or the clubs battling on the day. It’s a feature they’ve added to Madden NFL 24 and could be a new way EA educates players about the different codes of sports. A great addition for new challenges and to test your might.

New Dynamic Match Intro: Players’ Dressing Room (Screenshot via Prima Games)

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Other New Features Added to EA Sports FC 24

EA confirmed many new features that have been added to the Matchday Experience, with more expected to be revealed on launch day. Here are some of the other confirmed features:

New Gameplay Cameras

Yes, new gameplay cameras should be one of the features on the top-three list of newly installed features. However, the new in-game camera angle doesn’t look much different from the Tele Broadcast view. Also, if you want to enjoy the graphics or see a player use their skills at their best, using a close-up camera, the player cam, or an action camera is far more rewarding.

Referee Camera 

The referee camera is a great addition. It enhances that immersive feeling EA has been trying to capture with FC 24 even more. This will most likely be used after a free-kick is awarded, a big decision is made for a penalty inside the box, a possible booking offense, or other moments that involve the referee and players. 

New Referee Camera on EA Sports FC (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Meeting the Commentary Team

Going behind the scenes has to be the biggest step EA has taken with EA Sports FC 24, and to accomplish this, EA has started introducing the commentators to the FC 24 players. This is another big feature in Madden NFL 24 and surely will be something they hone in on with all their up-and-coming big sports titles.

Commentary Team in EA Sports FC 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

There are two new voices we’ll get to hear in The World’s Game. They are Guy Mowbray and Sue Smith. The former is a well-known voice from BBC Sport and BT Sport, while the latter is a former England international who was a big feature in the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Ahead of the new recruits and your leading commentary team are the dynamic duo of Derek Rae and Stewart Robson. 

There is just a little over one month left before September 22 and September 29 for early access and the worldwide launch. There are plenty of bonuses that you are entitled to if you pre-order the Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition, read All EA Sports FC 24 Pre-Order Bonuses Listed to find out what’s all included.

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