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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Boards Guide

by Ginny Woo

So you’ve been spending a heap of time with Chi-Chi in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot? We don’t blame you. She puts together some pretty delicious and essential treats. However, Full Course meals are just one thing in the game that can buff you. We’re gonna sit you down and have a chat today about Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Community Boards and what they can give you.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Boards Guide

So you’ve got some Soul Emblems but you don’t really know what to do with them? Well, we would recommend chucking them into a Community Board. How Soul Emblems work is decently simple but it boils down to placing them on a Community Board in exchange for buffs or status effects that are beneficial to you. As such, Community Boards are valuable ways for you to power up a little here and there, and you can find a bunch in the overworld. You’ll get to unlock 7 different Community Boards during the course of playing through Dragon Ball: Z Kakarot, and we’ve listed them all out for you below.

  • Adult Community
  • Adventure Community
  • Cooking Community
  • Community of the Gods
  • Development Community
  • Training Community
  • Z Warrior Community

As you may have already guessed, different Community Boards will give you different buffs, and the only real currency that you need is these Soul Emblems that we’ve talked about. Putting more Emblems into a Community Board will increase your standing (level) with that Community, and it will give you a corresponding number of skills. You are also able to give gifts to others from the Community Boards interface, so we would highly recommend getting acquainted with how they work sooner rather than later. 

Now that you’ve got our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Community Boards guide to hand, why not check out some other tips and tricks that we’ve put together to make kicking butt easier, no matter who you’re up against?


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