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Does Wuthering Waves have Co-Op? – Answered

Another game to terrorize my friends in

As one of the leading competitors against games that are going to have immersive combat and open-world exploration, Wuthering Waves has got to address the most important aspect of its gameplay! Will it allow other players to enter the world? Find out in our guide below.

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Does Wuthering Waves have Co-Op?

Though the game is pretty fresh from the oven, Kuro Game devs have mentioned that the game will allow other players to enter into your game. Like their previous games, Wuthering Waves will likely not allow other players to enter your world until you and your guests are of a certain level. 

In Punishing: Gray Raven, when you enter levels either in the story or in challenges, players are allowed to assist you in battles to make it an easier time when encountering strong enemies. This has proven helpful on many platforms, and although Wuthering Waves isn’t advertising itself to be a multiplayer game, this means that it isn’t an MMO like Tower of Fantasy. If anything, Wuthering Waves will fall in line with more of how Genshin Impact runs its multiplayer function. By allowing players to enter your world, though they will not be able to complete puzzles or steal the treasure that you haven’t gotten to yet. However, it’ll be a lot easier tackling bosses and enemies by having friends to make it easy and much more fun for combat. You’ll also be able to showcase your characters to friends and show off the types of Echoes you collect by displaying them out in the open world. 

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Although Wuthering Waves is going to be plenty of fun on its own by exploring the world, immersing yourself in the story, and building up your characters, the journey is always more fun by having friends alongside you or making new ones! You may even realize that there are characters you may want to build by seeing what other players managed to pull in the Gacha. Be sure to update your knowledge on the playable characters revealed thus far and learn about the Echo System so you can show off your collection of enemy Pokemon!

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