What is the Echo System in Wuthering Waves? – Answered

As if the combat system wasn't already going to be a thrill and a half

It really wouldn’t be a Kuro Game without some intense sci-if lore mechanic that Wuthering Waves makes look complicated on the outside, read complicated in the tutorial, and only makes sense when you’re floundering about out on the field. That mechanic is none other than the Echo System.

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What is the Echo System in Wuthering Waves?

Don’t get me wrong. This mechanic is actually incredibly interesting once you break it down, and it will be a huge key in amping up your combat ability as well as providing more flexibility on the battlefield when encountering enemies. Once referred to as the Wutrelic (haha, get it? The What-Relic?), the Echo System is a small gourd-like object that the Player Character or the Rover keeps on them. After defeating an enemy, you are presented with the option to absorb the enemy into the Echo System.

Doing so will add them to your inventory, where you can go to the menu to equip different types of enemies that you have collected thus far. Known as Tacet Discords in Wuthering Waves, equipping these TDs will allow you to copy their movements that you’ve seen in battle and help expand your battle repertoire a bit. 

Not only that but by mixing and matching certain enemies that you have absorbed, you can create the Concerto effect on the character. Doing so will help you gain certain abilities that enhance your battle performance, like increased Crit Rate for hits and other fun avenues to discover. It looks like they can also be leveled up to increase better the abilities that they come with and help perform better in battle.

While each one will be unique, you can summon them to the battlefield to either knock back foes, throw them up in the air, and other creative methods to fight with not just the characters at your disposal. While also in Co-Op, you’ll be able to use the Echo System to display the enemies and creatures that you have captured to show off what you have found. 

The Echo System is meant to add so much more to the Wuthering Waves gameplay by the way of enabling different methods of offense, creating some defense barriers, stacking some healing once the battle is over, and there are even some Echoes that may be implemented into solving puzzles or pathways later on in the game. With as many different creatures and monsters that exist in Wuthering Waves from just their Closed Beta alone, we can hope to see these categories expand in the future to where the Echo System becomes Wuthering Waves’ unique abilities that highlight the game. 

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Wuthering Waves is not out for release just yet, but we’ll be following it closely for when they do reveal a date when it goes public. For the time being, be sure to get a glimpse at the characters revealed for playability thus far, and check out the Closed Beta Preview to see for yourself what we can expect to see in the game.

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