Does Scorpion Die in Spider-Man 2? – Answered

Does the Scorpion finally meet his end in Spider-Man 2?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 isn’t afraid to act its age, and it’s willing to go a bit darker than its predecessor. With Kraven the Hunter taking the main stage, death is inevitable, but does Death make its mark on Mac Gargan, aka The Scorpion?

Does Scorpion Get Killed In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

To get directly to the point, Scorpion does die in Spider-Man 2. While Peter Parker and Miles Morales have a strict moral code, plenty of folks are willing to dispatch these villains without their interference. Below, you’ll find a quick summary of what led to his death.

WARNING: Spoilers Below

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During the early portions of the game, players will be in control of both Peter and Miles as they visit The Raft, a prison that contains a variety of powerful villains. As they watch from above, characters like Scorpion & Mister Negative are loaded onto armored ships, only for things to go awry as expected.

Kraven and his squad of goons have crashed the party, and Scorpion can escape after infecting Miles with his hallucinogenic stinger. After navigating through a trippy sequence, players will begin the hunt for The Hunter themselves. However, they will not find what they expect once they encounter Scorpion again.

As Peter explores the Hunter’s lair, he comes across an extensive list of different villains, with Scorpion leading the overall list. Other characters, such as Black Cat also make their appearance on this list, so Peter immediately becomes skeptical. This isn’t a list of Villians to band together but a hit list for Kraven. After a pan toward a PC monitor, a broken jail cell and a fight between The Hunter and Scorpion starts.

Scorpion stabs Kraven in the chest with his stinger, which seemingly unfazed The Hunter, who subsequently cuts off the stinger and plunges it directly into his side while choking him to death in this pit. A somber pan out of the camera shows Gargan’s lifeless body and one less Super Villian in the world of Spider-Man.


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It seems that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 isn’t afraid to answer the questions between life and death and is willing to showcase these actions front and center. It’s great to see that they’re aiming for a slightly more mature tone overall and they’re not shying away from the gritty realities of life. However, this is a rough way to go for an iconic villain, so we tip our hats to you, Mac.

Avoid his fate by checking out our Spider-Man 2 section below for various tips and tricks. No matter if you’re looking to finally unlock the Forever Suit for your own, or you need to get all of the photo ops for Lights, Camera, Action, we’re here to make your adventures through the city of New York all the more exciting.

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