Does Lies of P Work Well On Steam Deck? – Answered

Is Pinocchio's tale something you can experience on the go?

Having the ability to take your favorite games on the go is one of the biggest selling points for the Steam Deck, but with advancing graphical fidelity, we worry that some of the biggest games might not run as well as expected on this portable powerhouse. While games like Starfield may make the Steam Deck wheeze, something lighter like Lies of P should work great on the handheld, as long as it’s properly optimized. But, will you be able to experience this with a good framerate, or will you be stuck battling drops alongside these terrifying foes?

Can You Play Lies Of P On Steam Deck?

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you’re planning on picking up a copy of Lies of P exclusively to play on Steam Deck, do we have some excellent news for you. While the game has a much-maligned feature that could negatively affect the performance in other games, Lies of P looks and functions fantastically. Not only that but by following these graphics options, you can play the game at a steady 60 FPS:

Graphics OptionSelection
Screen ModeBorderless Screen Mode
ResolutionLocked to 1280×800
Max Frame Rate Limite60
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2Balanced
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 Sharpness0.5
Graphic Quality PresetsLow

Thanks to the smaller screen, you won’t notice the drop in graphical quality as much as would on the big screen, but it looks fantastic on the go. The near-consistent 60 FPS is also a great treat, as this is a game that requires quick reflexes and perfect timing if you’re hoping to get the best out of it. While it is still a difficult game, it’s still completely playable on this smaller screen without losing out too much.

This grim reimagining of the classic tale of Pinocchio is surprisingly great and offers plenty of variety in its world and characters. No matter what kind of gamer you are, be sure that you’re checking out our Lies of P section below to get some information about this release and get ready to take on a variety of difficult bosses to test your true power.

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