Lies of P: All Boss Fights Listed

Be prepared for anything this game will throw your way.

The highlight of any Souls-like game is always the boss battles you’ll encounter on your journey, and Lies of P delivers in spades. In this puppet-themed adventure, you’ll encounter a variety of terrifying bosses who are willing to make sure that you never become the real boy you’re meant to become. However, knowing what you’re going to face off against on your journey can help you prepare, even if it is ever so slightly. Let’s find out who we’ll be fighting against in Lies of P, down to the Mini-Bosses you can find off the beaten path.

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All Bosses In Lies Of P

Lies of P Parade Master Second Phase
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Below, you’ll find a list of all the bosses available in Lies of P, alongside the location where you’ll encounter them;

Boss NameBoss Location
Parade MasterStation City
Scrapped WatchmanKrat City Hall
King’s Flame, FuocoVenigni Works
Fallen Archbishop AndreusSt. Frangelico Cathedral
Eldest of the Black Rabbit BrotherhoodMalum District
King of PuppetsEstella Opera House
Romeo, King of PuppetsEstella Opera House
Champion VictorGrand Exhibition
Green Monster of the SwampBarren Swamp
Puppet-Devouring Green MonsterBarren Swamp
Corrupted Parade MasterCersani Alley
Black Rabbit BrotherhoodRelic of Trismegistus
Laxasia The CompleteArche Abbey
Simon Manus, Awakened GodArche Abbey
The Nameless PuppetArche Abbey

All Mini-Bosses In Lies of P

Mad Donkey Lies of P Featured
Screenshot by Prima Games

Below, you’ll find a list of all the Mini-Bosses available to battle in Lies of P, alongside the location where you can find them;

Mini-Boss NameMini-Boss Location
Black CatArche Abbey Outer Wall
Door GuardianArche Abbey
Mad Clown PuppetRosa Isabelle Street
Mad DonkeyAlchemist Bridge
Owl DoctorBarren Swamp
Puppet of the FutureWorkshop Union Culvert
Red FoxArche Abbey Upper Area
Robber WeaselKrat Central Station Platform
SurvivorVenigni Works Control Room
The AtonedMoonlight Town/Pilgrim’s Cable Railway
Walker of IllusionsAbandoned Apartment/Attic
White LadyRosa Isabelle Street

With a massive variety of enemies that you can encounter in your adventure, you’ll need to be prepared. No matter if you need help beating the Parade Master, or you’ve already been cruising through this journey, be sure to check out our Lies of P section below to get your hands on plenty of helpful tips and tricks that will help you survive this terrifying wasteland.

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