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Does Lies of P Have Denuvo? – Answered

It's not a lie if you wait until the last possible moment to tell the truth.

If you’re hoping to mess about with your game files, add new parts to the game, or even play around with cosmetic mods, Denuvo DRM can be the worst thing you can ever encounter. As an Anti-Cheat measure, it helps keep games safe for those hoping to avoid running into cheaters, and for those hoping to acquire the game by less-than-legal means, it’s a horrible thing to encounter. Alongside these anti-tamper and anti-cheat measures, there can be some noticeable performance issues if things aren’t tightened up, and in a fast-paced game like Lies of P, this could be a death sentence.

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Is There Denuvo In Lies of P? – Answered

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For gamers hoping to play this game without lag or issues, you may be upset to hear that Denuvo has been implemented into this title. However, as long as the developer lets people know in advance, there is a chance that the amount of backlash can be kept to a minimum. As long as gamers know what they are getting into, there are usually going to be no issues involved.

However, the developers of Lies of P, NEOWIZ, waited until 3 days before launch to put Denuvo information on their Steam page, mere hours before the Early Access period of this game launched. Lies of P is currently sitting at a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, with most Negative reviews mentioning the addition of Denuvo at the very last moment.

Beyond that, there isn’t much that players can say bad about Lies of P. Even our talented writer Patrick Souza adored his time in this Steampunk retelling of the classic tale, as you can see in his review here. No matter if you’re embarking on your journey today, or plan on jumping in soon, be sure to keep your eyes on our Lies of P section below to get plenty of helpful tips and tricks to make this Souls-like feel like a cakewalk.

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