Does Lies of P Have Co-op? – Answered

Two lying puppets slaying atrocious creatures around the city is all that I ask

Lies of P Coop

Lies of P has plenty of fighting styles to choose from, and you can go for the one that fits your own style the most before heading into the city. Bringing puppets can be quite complicated at first, but you get the hang of it eventually. But some enemies will definitely make you want to have extra help in battle. Continue reading to learn if co-op is possible in Lies of P.

Is There Multiplayer in Lies of P?

Lies of P does not have any multiplayer mode. This includes both co-op play and PvP modes like the ones found in FromSoftware titles. No mentions of such additions were made in any of the announcements regarding the game, and its absence in the Demo makes it safe to assume that no multiplayer will be present in the game in any way. 

That doesn’t mean that you’re all by yourself through the whole game. As showcased in the demo during the Scrapped Watchman fight, you can use a Star Fragment to summon a Specter to fight alongside you in boss battles. The Specter cannot be controlled but will behave almost like another player, and bosses will sometimes focus them down instead of you.

Lies of P Coop Boss
Image via Neowiz

Bringing Specters to the battlefield is a lifesaver for more inexperienced players or those that are currently struggling with a specific boss. They will never be as skillful as a real player, but can definitely save you in a pinch.

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But that’s still a bummer if you were looking forward to cleansing the city alongside your friends. A multiplayer mode could be added down the line, but don’t count on it. Neowiz has plenty of games in their library, but none of them have been as ambitious as Lies of P, so it could be complicated to implement Multiplayer out of a sudden. 

But with their upcoming collab with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a title that shares certain similarities with it and does have co-op gameplay, new possibilities for the future could be open. While co-op is definitely not being added due to that, it leaves some possibilities open, at least.

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