An Upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty x Lies of P Collab is Announced

What are they cooking here?

Lies of P Wo Long Collab

Despite not even being out yet, there’s already a collaboration event ready in the oven waiting for Lies of P. The soon-to-be-released soulslike by Neowiz will have a special event with no other title than Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The Team Ninja title was released earlier this year, and while it does share certain similarities with the upcoming game, their main thematics are quite different.

Wo Long evokes a Chinese dynasty as its setting, while Lies of P goes for a steampunk dystopia mixed with some fairy tale elements. The correlating factor here is that both stories take a darker turn compared to their source materials.

It’s Happening, But… What’s Happening?

The announcement was timidly made on Neowiz’s Twitter account, with little to no ceremony to it.  See below for a quick translation provided by Google:

Collaboration notice with ‘P’s Lie’ and ‘Wo Long’

Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty meet!

Details will be released at a later date.

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… And that’s pretty much it! So much for marketing a somewhat big event in their game. As for Team Ninja’s side, they also haven’t commented anything on the collab. Wo Long does have an upcoming DLC later this month, but chances are that it has little to do with this collab, which might just be still in the makings.

With pretty much everything we know about the collab being “it’s happening”, there’s no way of knowing exactly what to expect. But while being fundamentally different, both games still have enough similarities for most of their player bases to enjoy whichever is coming in the future.

If you haven’t tried out any of them, Wo Long is available through Xbox Game Pass, while Lies a P currently has a very promising demo for free. I’ve tried it out for a couple of hours and it was a pleasant surprise, and now I’m really looking forward to the full game release in a few months.

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