How to Play the Lies of P Demo

All for free, and that's not a lie

Lies of P Demo Download

First revealed all the way back in 2021, Lies of P is a new steampunk take on the classic Pinocchio tale. Del Toro wasn’t the only one willing to tell it again through some new lenses, and the ones that NEOWIZ picked can give a whole new dark aspect to a seemly innocent story of a wooden boy that told a few lies in his life. Wanna see it by yourself? So try it out!

A free Demo was announced during the Summer Game Fest, and it’s already available for players on all platforms, be it Xbox, Playstation, or PC. Find out how to enjoy this small preview of Lies of P.

How to Download Lies of P Demo for Free

Steps will be slightly different depending on your platform of choice, but the idea is pretty much always the same. The demo is completely free, so don’t worry about paying anything.


For Playstation, all you gotta do is open the Playstation Store on your console, select Games > Demos, and search for Lies of P. If you don’t see it immediately, select See All. Make sure you have enough storage space left to try this free demo.


In Xbox consoles, head for the Microsoft Store icon and select Games > Games Home. Now search for Lies of P (if you don’t see it immediately on the first page) and download the free demo. 


Screenshot by Prima Games

You can download the demo from either Steam or through Microsoft Store’s pages, it’s all on you. Just search for the name and the Demo will show up in the results. It’s currently unknown if any progress can be transferred to the official game, so I recommend you download it on whichever platform you pretend buying it. The official release date is stated to be September 19 after being pushed back from August 1 initially.

The demo’s size on PC is around 20 GB, so expect the full game to be even bigger than that. And remember, no Jiminy Cricket this time around, so you’re on your own!

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