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Does Honkai Star Rail Have Controller Support on Mobile? – Answered

miHoYo, please.

by Nikola L
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Mobile Gaming keeps growing as years go by, and a lot of mobile gamers love to use their wireless controllers with their mobile games. It’s a naturally great convenience, and offers more precision rather than the default, stock option of tapping on the screen. Honkai: Star Rail players that do not play the game on PC are interested to know if Honkai: Star Rail has controller support on Mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and Prima Games is here to clarify the situation for both platforms.

Does Honkai: Star Rail Have Controller Support on Android? – Answered

Sadly, the miHoYo gang is up to no good when it comes to controller support on Android. Officially, it’s not supported, but there are rumors that it’s possible to circumvent by using unofficial, third-party software workarounds. When miHoYo decides to change their decision, we’ll update this article, but we do not have high hopes for that happening, given the track record of their previous games.

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Does Honkai: Star Rail Have Controller Support on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iOS in General? – Answered

Same as with Android, official controller support does not exist for iOS (iPhone, iPad,…) and you are condemned to touching your screen in order to play Honkai: Star Rail on iOS. Since iOS systems are very, very closed, you’ll have an even lesser chance of setting up a feasible workaround for the controller support on your Apple mobile device.

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As soon as iOS controller support is welcomed officially into Honkai: Star Rail, we’ll update this article, but as mentioned above, we do not see that becoming a reality.

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