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In 1990, Intelligent Systems and Nintendo released the first Fire Emblem video game. With more than a dozen entries in the franchise since, players revisit the war-torn Fodlan in the new Musou spin-off of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

While you will undoubtedly have a fun time playing it on your own, is there a multiplayer option in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes? Here’s everything you need to know about the possibility of playing with friends in the Nintendo Switch title.

Is There Multiplayer in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes?

In Three Hopes, the protagonist builds an army with one of three leaders from the previous game and fight with hordes of enemies for the future of Fodlan.

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We are almost at the brink of the full game’s release, scheduled for June 24, and once it is out, you will be able to immerse yourself into real-time battles with the perfect combination of the Fire Emblem franchise strategy and action-packed Warriors-style gameplay.

Although there is no online multiplayer option, you can play with a friend in local co-op. Just one, though. So don’t expect to go jumping in with your squad.

How to Add Another Player in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

Local co-op will become available once you reach Chapter 4. When you click on a mission, you will be asked if you want to have a second player control one of the characters.

Now select and sync a controller to assign them as player two and have them join the fray. Once you have your controllers ready, select the ‘Start Battle’ option in the main menu.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge as Three Hopes has its own original story, even though the characters and region are from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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