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Does Fire Emblem Engage Have Paired Endings? – Answered

This game knows how to break hearts

by Daphne Fama

As you reach the end of Fire Emblem Engage, your mind might travel back to your waifu favorite unit, the unit Alear chose to give a Pact Ring to. Will Alear and that beloved character share a moment in the final scenes? Does Fire Emblem Engage have paired endings?

Does Fire Emblem Engage Have Paired Endings? – Answered

Relationships have always been one of the backbones of the Fire Emblem series. This strange combination of dating sim and turn-based strategy has managed to lure so many fans into this series, keeping them enmeshed game after game.

One of the best rewards that Fire Emblem has to offer is not just seeing your units level but seeing them develop friendships and, in some games, even lifelong partnerships. Fire Emblem Engage did away with the option to couple up your units.

But Alear has the freedom to deliver a Pact Ring to anyone in her army. And this is one of the first games that has explicit romance between same-sex genders. And if you’re like me, you’ve likely grown deeply attached to at least one particular character and would like nothing more than to see that character and Alear happy in the credits.

But does it happen? The long and short of it is… yes, sort of. The paired ending you get happens immediately after handing your chosen partner the ring. This S-Rank interaction counts for the bulk of what you’ll get, but you’ll also get a few lines of text at the end of the game as well.

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It’d be nice if there was a little more, but I’ll take the pretty splash image of Ivy if that’s all I can get.

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