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Does Fire Emblem Engage Have a Bad Ending? – Answered

A dark twist of events

by Patrick Souza
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Many JRPGs have some extra endings to add some spice to the mix. They can go from slightly different situations for a few characters to completely alternate scenarios in the story’s resolution. These are usually dubbed Good Endings, True Endings, or sometimes Bad Endings.

Since Fire Emblem Engage’s been out for a while, people are reaching the game’s end and might be curious about their choices around the campaign. Have they done everything right? Is there something important they missed that will cause them to get a bad ending? Are there alternate endings in this game, to begin with? Check out below.

Does Fire Emblem Engage Have a Bad Ending?

Yes, there’s a Bad Ending in Engage that players can reach by the end of the game. But it’s not obtained in the most traditional fashion, and some players might have even seen it by accident. Spoiler warning, if it wasn’t obvious already.

To get the Bad Ending, you need to have the protagonist Alear defeated during the final battle and either refuse to use the Draconian Time Crystal or be unable to do so (by lacking remaining uses). This will give you a special cutscene instead of the usual Game Over screen.

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In this cutscene, Sombron greets Alear after their awakening to inform them that everyone else they ever cared about is dead as a result of their failure. Alear and their sister Veyle are now serving under Sombreon’s army, apparently being corrupted by the Fell Dragon’s influence. The ending ends with his maniacal laughing as Alear despairs.

Quite a dark ending, but it can be easily avoided. Just don’t die! Jokes aside, the “Good Ending” is nothing more than the regular ending, achieved as soon as you defeat the final battle, and there are no other endings available. There are no special events required to change the finale, so there is no need to get paranoid about that. Enjoy the game at your own pace, as it can take a good chunk of your time.

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