Who is Alear’s Mom in Fire Emblem Engage? – Answered

Maybe the real treasure is the moms we find along the way

The Divine Dragon, Alear, is the protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage. And she’s stirred quite a bit of controversy and discussion with both her design and her mysterious path, alluded to in the opening scenes. But one of the biggest questions is, who is Alear’s mom in Fire Emblem Engage?

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Who is Alear’s Mom in Fire Emblem Engage? – Answered

I can’t begin to emphasize this enough. This article will be nothing but spoilers. From start to finish, spoilers. And now that you’ve had that warning, let’s get into the good stuff.

At the very beginning of the game, Alear wakes up in a bedroom she doesn’t recognize, surrounded by people she doesn’t know. Her past, her loved ones, and who she used to be are all static white to her. She simply doesn’t remember.

But there’s one thing everyone around is sure of – the Divine Dragon Queen Lumera is her mother. Or is she?

The answer is no. She’s not. Griss of Lord Sombron’s Four Hounds reveals this in the last few chapters when he points out a bit of hidden world-building. Only Fell Dragons can summon Emblems through invocation. Usually, Emblem Rings summoned in this way lack of freewill, as shown by their silence and their evil red tint.

Alear is Lord Sombron’s child. One of his thousands of children, and only Alear and Veyle, are left alive. But Queen Lumera didn’t have an unholy relationship with Lord Sombron. We see in Chapter 24 that the Divine Dragon stumbled across Alear while she was unconscious in the snow. It’s here that she and Alear first create the bond that began Alear’s transformation.

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As for Alear’s true mother? We don’t know. Lumera reveals in a later chapter that Alear had “no evil intentions of her own,” nor had she ever been treated with love, like Veyle was. It’s possible that Alear was immediately taken from her mother (or that her mother died). Lord Sombron seems to have produced many children with many women and seemed nonchalant about Zephia’s request to produce a child with him.  

That leaves a big question mark over Alear’s mother’s face. But Fire Emblem is no stranger to surrogate family.  

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