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Is There Permadeath in Tempest Trials in Fire Emblem Engage – Answered

It's okay to throw a unit to the wolves every now and then

by Daphne Fama

The Somniel offers players no end of things to do, but one of the most useful for combat is the Tempest Trials. But this challenge of endurance will put both your units and ability to strategize to the test. And that might make you wonder, is there Permadeath in the Tempest Trials in Fire Emblem Engage?

Is There Permadeath in Tempest Trials in Fire Emblem Engage – Answered

One of the most difficult, time-consuming processes a Divine Dragon can undertake for their army is augmenting the Engaged Weapon of their Emblem Rings. Doing so requires Augment Crystals, which can only be obtained by completing the game (and even then in a finite number), or by completing Tempest Trials.

Tempest Trials offers a variety of maps and a variety of difficulties, with the higher difficulties offering better rewards. And because you’ll have to endure three waves of enemies on three different maps, it’s better to bite the bullet and go as hard as you can.

But one thing that many tacticians find themselves chewing their nails over is whether or not permadeath will follow their fallen units outside of the Tower of Trials and into the game.

Well, don’t worry. All deaths in the Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage are temporary. If your units fall in one of the many waves of the Tempest Trials, never fear. You’ll leave the Trial and they’ll be happily splashing in the pool or staring forlornly off the edge of the Somniel as if nothing ever happened. So, feel free to make a tactical sacrifice here and there. Whatever gets you that Augment Crystal.

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