Best Class for Each Character in Fire Emblem Engage

This guide brought to you with blood, skirmishes, and dozens of Seals

There are three dozen playable characters in Fire Emblem Engage, each with the ability to transform into one of around 49 classes (and that’s not counting the weapon-divided options). But what are some of the best choices for each unit? Here’s the best class for each character in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Best Class for Each Unit in Fire Emblem Engage

All units will be listed in alphabetical order, with their best class(es) beside them. If you’ve a particular unit you’re looking for, use ctrl+f and their name to find them quickly. A brief analysis will be provided for each class choice and many of these units have their own separate articles, which delves into the hard numbers and preferred Emblem Ring for that unit.

  • Alcryst Tireur d’elite. OR Sniper. It likely goes without saying, but units that have unique role Advancements will almost always see the most benefit by promoting into those unique roles. But Sniper remains one of the best classes in the game. As a Tireur d’elite, Alcryst will benefit from high damage output but be vulnerable to Magic attacks. As a Sniper, Alcryst is more likely to get follow up attacks and Critical Hits with his ability. Both are excellent options.
  • Alfred Avenir. Alfred has access to a unique class, Avenir, and he is best suited for it. Both his natural growth rates as a unit and the class growth rates synergize well, and Golden Lotus is an excellent skill.
  • Amber Great Knight. OR Paladin. Many units who would do well as a Great Knight also do well as Paladins, as their stats are very similar. But Amber is preferred as a Great Knight because his stats skew more naturally towards high speed, high strength, with good HP and defense. Great Knights are slightly more offensive than Paladins, and so Amber will see the best stats growths in this role. But if you need a more defensive unit, Paladin is also a good choice.
  • Anna Sage. OR High Priest. Anna has some of the best growth rates in the game and she should immediately be reclassed to either Sage or High Priest. Getting her to either requires more effort than most units, as her base class is the exact opposite of what she should be. I’ve found through experimentation that she’s an excellent glass cannon, capable of nuking at a distance. But if you’re in dire need of a Healer and Hortensia isn’t cutting it, then High Priest isn’t a bad option for her natural build.
  • Boucheron Berserker. Boucheron joins your team as an Axe Fighter and he should be classed into Berserker. He has excellent HP and fantastic dexterity and speed, with middling defense and resistance. He’ll never be a great Paladin or General, but he can deal decent damage and is much more likely to get a follow up attack than most other Axe-wielders.
  • Bunet Great Knight. Buntet arrives as a Great Knight, which is a good class to start. Bunet has a decent stat distribution which allows him to tank damage, but isn’t specialized enough to see true benefits from Paladin. He’s better at dealing decent damage and soaking up enemy blows where he can.
  • Celine Vidame. Like most units with unique classes, Celine benefits most from Vidame. Vidame offers the skills Ignis, which takes advantage of Celine’s split proficiency and stat growth in Strength and Magic, turning her confusing stat distribution into something far more potent. It’s possible to try to specialize her in one class or the other, but no other class will be able to take the same advantage of her growth rate.
  • Chloe Griffin Knight. Chloe has exceptional HP, dexterity, and speed growth, which allows her to take a hit if necessary but ideally avoid it altogether. Her strength and magic are fine but nothing exceptional, so she’s better as a unit that swoops in to either deal a killing blow on a straggling enemy or provide support for her allies around the map.
  • Citrinne Mage Knight. OR Sage. Whether you play Citrinne as a Sage or Mage Knight depends on whether you’ll have multiple tome-users on your team or if you have a more mobile army. Personally, I’ve played her as both and prefer her as Mage Knight, as I have a highly mobile army with only a handful of tome-users. Sage sees similar growth as the Mage Knight, with a firmer focus on Magic and less speed and dexterity, making her more of a glass cannon. But as a Mage Knight, Citrinne will be more likely to take a blow and keep moving. Putting Canter on her in either role is ideal.

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  • Clanne Mage Knight. Or Sage. Like Citrinne, Clanne can be classed as either as Mage Knight or Sage, depending on your army’s needs. I find that Mage Knight speaks more to Clanne’s natural growth, as Clanne has very low magic growth rates, and the Mage Knight’s sword proficiency will give him the ability to function in multiple ranges. His high dexterity and speed will also mean that he’ll be able to avoid some hits.
  • Diamant Successeur. Diamant should be Successeur, end of discussion. This class offers one of the best possible abilities for a tank, Sol, and allows Diamant to survive in situations where he would otherwise die. This, combined with the right skills, allows him to slowly crush the enemy forces.
  • EtieSniper. OR Bow Knight. If you’re trying to make Etie a part of your army, good luck. You’ll have your work cut out for you. Her stats are evenly distributed, making her fine in many roles… but it’s difficult to make her excel. Sniper is ideal because of how strong Snipers are in Engage, but another option is Bow Knight to take advantage of her Strength, which is her best growth stat.
  • Fogado Cupido. OR Warrior. When it comes to exclusive classes, Cupido is good, but doesn’t see as much utility as it could because of Fogado’s stats. That’s because Cupido’s ability, Back at You, deals half of the damage taken… but Fogado has very high dexterity and speed, meaning that he’ll very rarely be hit. But as a Warrior, he’ll retain much of his speed and dexterity, but provide more damage output. Something that Cupido doesn’t offer.
  • Framme High Priest. Framme begins as our healer and should retain that position into her promotion. The High Priest focuses on providing support but offers Framme the opportunity to use tomes as well as arts, which allows her to keep dealing damage.
  • Goldmary Great Knight. Goldmary’s stats are very similar to Chloe, but with higher defense and HP. This allows her to take a few hits while offering some damage in return. After toying with her build, she gains the most utility with the Great Knight, which further emphasizes her Defense and Dexterity while allowing her to grow her strength.
  • Hortensia Sleipnir Rider. Ivy functions as a mage, Hortensia is support. Both are excellent. And Hortensia is one of the better supports in the game, as her high speed and dexterity with Sleipnir Rider allows her to avoid hits she should otherwise take, giving her the ability to heal across the battlefield. If she does attack, she won’t hit as hard as Ivy, but she’s more likely to manage a follow up attack.
  • Ivy Lindwurm. It’s rare to get a flying mage, and it’s unsurprising that it’s an exclusive class. The Lindwurm class allows Ivy to either kill or clear up any straggling units from relative safety or good tiles, and the good HP and defense this class provides will keep her alive long enough to retreat in case she needs heals. If you choose not to run Hortensia, she can also perform the healing function to some degree as well, making her an all-around fantastic unit to have in this class.
  • Jade General. It surely makes sense that the “Iron Wall” would be a General. This class offers high HP, high defense, and decent strength. And its ability, Swap, can make up for the otherwise low movement.
  • Jean Martial Master. OR High Priest. Jean is an interesting case. Technically, if you put a significant amount of time and energy into him, it’s possible for him to outpace Pandreo as a High Priest. But he functions better as a brawler in mid-lines, occasionally tanking a hit but also tossing them back… while using the skill Diffuse Healer to distribute the heals he receives from your main healer.
  • Kagetsu Swordmaster. Kagetsu comes to you fully formed and already perfect as a Swordmaster. He’s one of the best units in the game and nothing really has to be done for him or to him, with the exception of giving him a few good skills and an Emblem Ring.
  • Lapis Swordmaster. OR General. It can be difficult to get Lapis to perform well. She comes to you as a Sword Fighter, and it’s likely that the developers want you to promote her into a Swordmaster. Her speed and HP are her highest stats, and this reflects well with the natural growth rate of Swordmaster. But she’ll never be as good as Kagetsu, who you get shortly after. Whether you play her as a General or Swordmaster will depend on what you need for your army – more defense and front liners? General. A damage dealer who can take a few hits? Swordmaster.
  • Lindon Sage. OR Mage Knight. Lindon arrives as a Sage and has equal stat growth in both magic and strength. This allows him to perform in either a Sage role or Mage Knight role with equal aptitude. His high speed and resistance mean that he performs well as a mid-liner, and adding Canter will allow him to retreat from danger.  
  • Louis Great Knight. OR General. The Great Knight is an excellent class that offers slightly less defense than Generals, but this is made up for with a higher range of movement and a better skill. Louis has some of the best Defense and HP growth in the game, which allows him to function as either. If you need more movement, select Great Knight. If you need someone to eat damage, select General.

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  • Mauvier Royal Knight. I love Mauvier. He comes late in the game but offers significant utility as a Royal Knight. You could also technically class him into Paladin and Sage, as he has great stat growth in HP, defense, magic, defense (and dexterity, resistance – he’s a fantastic unit). But as a Royal Knight, Mauvier can move to any unit and offer support, both in excellent damage and in heals. But if you find that you have a gap in your army (either for defense – paladin, or damage – sage), then he’ll perform well in those roles too.
  • Merrin Wolf Knight. Merrin has high speed and dexterity, with the ability to dodge most attacks that come her way. The Wolf Knight capitalizes on those strengths. It’s likely that Merrin was designed with the Wolf Knight class in mind, as she’s the perfect unit for it. Because Merrin has low defense, the Wolf Knight’s ability to allow her to poke with a knife is also ideal.
  • Pandreo High Priest. The High Priest can technically deal damage but is essentially meant to exist in the back lines, offering heals and the occasional poke damage. This is the most standard healer class in the game. Pandreo has low strength and low defense, which means that it’s better to keep him off the front lines (leave that to Jean). His magic growth is fine, but nothing exceptional, so it’s better to keep him where he’ll do his best work – healing.
  • Panette Berserker. Panette is one of those units that many people sleep on. She functions perfectly as a Berserker, offering significantly more utility in this role than, say, a Wolf Knight. Berserker works well with Panette’s naturally high HP and strength. What makes her so good is her ability to simply destroy whatever enemy is in front of her or, in a pinch, to make space with Smash+.
  • Saphir Berserker. OR Warrior. Saphir has massive HP growth rates and… that’s about it. Her strength, speed, and dexterity are so-so. You can attempt to grow her strength with Berserker, but Panette is simply better at it. As a Warrior, you can have Saphir act second and gain utility out of the fantastic skill Merciless, which allows her to deal 50% damage to a broken foe.
  • Seadall Dancer. Keep Seadall as a Dancer. I can’t emphasize that enough. Dancers are the best support unit in the game, as he can allow a unit to act twice and can grant Dex/Spd/Lck+3 to target for 1 turn.
  • Timerra Picket. Timerra is a fun unit that excels in her unique class, Picket. She has very well-rounded stats, and Picket further builds on this, with an emphasis on defense, HP, dexterity, and speed. But what makes this class such a great pick is her ability, Sandstorm. Sandstorm occurs when Timerra makes a physical attack and is triggered by dexterity. Once triggered, Sandstorm calculates damage by 150% of Timerra’s defense versus her normal attack. And because Timerra has naturally high dexterity, she’ll frequently have the opportunity to proc it.
  • VanderGreat Knight. Vander joins your team as a Paladin. And while Paladin is excellent, the best option for Vander is the Great Knight. Allied Defense, the Great Knight’s ability, offers more utility, and the class itself gives Vander more defense, allowing him to play the role of a tank that can be anywhere on the map. Additionally, he’ll have access to one more weapon, giving him more options to break his opponent.

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  • Veyle Fell Child. Like Seadall, Veyle shouldn’t be touched. Fell Child is the most powerful mage class in the game, with significant magic growth and decent HP growth, which will keep her alive and keep her from being a complete glass cannon. Fell Spirit, Veyle’s ability, will mean that she’ll be able to use her Emblem Ring more frequently. And with Emblem Rings like Corrin and Celica at her disposal, she can be extremely powerful.
  • Yunaka Thief. Yunaka is the first hard carry for many players in the early- to mid-game. And while she falls off in the face of Zelkov, she’s still exceptional in that role. That’s because of her naturally high dexterity and speed, which ensures that she’s never hit, but capable of dealing decent damage to anyone.
  • Zelkov Thief. Zelkov should remain as thief, taking advantage of his natural stat growth in both speed and dexterity, which the Thief Class will emphasize. What makes him a better Thief than Yunaka is his higher HP. This means when a blow does manage to actually land, he’ll at least still be alive to get healed during the next player phase.

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