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All Donation Tier Rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

Big donations = big dividends

by Daphne Fama

Fire Emblem Engage emphasizes not just the bond between you and your friends but also the bond between allied nations. This is best represented by the trust the Divine Dragon had in the neighboring kingdoms when she gave them each an Emblem Ring to care for. But as Alear goes to collect those rings, she can also help in their efforts to protect themselves from the Fell Dragon’s Corrupted forces by donating. But what does donating get you? Here are all the donation tier rewards in Fire Emblem Engage.

All Donation Tier Rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

Each country has a donation level associated with it, which can reach level 5. Each time you level up a country (using gold, of course), you’ll receive various benefits. For ease of reading, I’ve compiled those rewards in charts below.

These charts will go in alphabetical order: Brodia, Elusia, Firene, and Solm.

How much money does it take to level up each country in Fire Emblem Engage?

  • Level 1 → Level 2: 5,000 G
  • Level 2 → Level 3: 10,000 G
  • Level 3 → Level 4: 25,000 G
  • Level 4 → Level 5: 50,000 G

All Donation Rewards for Brodia in Fire Emblem Engage

Brodia is a kingdom set in the mountains and home of the Princes Diamant and Alcryst. They will offer a variety of ore, making it an excellent place to level up if you want to refine and upgrade your weapons.

All Donation Rewards for Elusia in Fire Emblem Engage

A nation known for worshipping the Fell Dragon. Home to the princesses Ivy and Hortensia. Donations will lead to healing staves and tomes.

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All Firene Donation Rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

A kingdom set by the sea with idyllic, rolling hills. Firene is known for maintaining peace. Home to Prince Alfred and Princess Celine. Donations here will gain you cooking ingredients.

All Donation Rewards for Solm in Fire Emblem Engage

A kingdom on the sands, Solm is well known for its ability to defend itself against all threats and the exuberant independence of Prince Fogato and its Princess Timerra. Donations here will lead to meat and ore.

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