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All Unit Stats and Their Meaning in Fire Emblem Engage

Math in my JRPG? It's more likely than you think.

by Daphne Fama
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If you’ve never played a Fire Emblem game, or even if you have, the endless array of stats (all unhelpfully abbreviated), can be very confusing. Many stats also have an unseen calculation associated with them. Here’s your easy-to-read guide on what each of those stats means in Fire Emblem Engage.

All Fire Emblem Engage Stats Explained

For the sake of convenience, I’ll be breaking this article into two sections: unit stats and combat stats. I’ll include the abbreviated forms, which you’ll see in-game, and the completely spelled-out words. If you have a particular term you’re looking for, use ctrl+f and that term to find it quickly.

Now, let’s get into it.

All Unit Stats and Their Meaning in Fire Emblem Engage

  • HP (Hit Points): The overall health of the unit. When it reaches 0, the unit dies.
  • Mov (Movement): How many tiles on the battlefield the unit can move.
  • Bld (Build): Determine the amount of weight a unit can carry without a penalty to Avoid. Weight refers to the weight of a weapon.
  • Rating: The sum of the unit’s key stats. Basic stats + Build + Emblem.
  • Str (Strength): Determines the amount of damage the unit deals with physical attacks.
  • Mag (Magic): Determines the amount of damage the unit deals with magic attacks.
  • Dex (Dexterity): Determines hit rate and the likelihood of landing a critical hit.
  • Spd (Speed): Determines the unit’s Avoid and ability to use follow-up attacks. If greater than or equal to the foe’s Speed + 5, the unit can strike twice.
  • Def (Defense): Determine how much damage the unit takes from physical attacks.
  • Res (Resistance): Determines how much damage the unit takes from magical attacks.
  • Lck (Luck): Determines the likelihood of certain skills triggering and is used to calculate Hit, Avoid, Dodge, and Staff Avoid.

It’s okay if some of that doesn’t make sense. When read together with Combat Stats, you’ll get a more complete picture.

All Combat Stats and Their Meaning in Fire Emblem Engage

Combat stats are essentially how your Unit stats come together on the battlefield.

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  • Ph/Mag Atk (Physical/Magical Attack): Attack represents the maximum amount of damage a unit can deal per hit. It depends on the weapon’s MT (Might) and the attacking unit’s Strength or Magic. If the weapon is effective against the target, the Might is tripled.
    • Atk = Might + Strength/Magic
  • MT (Might): Each weapon is given a Might, which is its attack strength. This can be seen while purchasing, forging, or inspecting a weapon.
  • AS (Attack Speed): Attack Speed represents how quickly a unit can attack. If a unit has 5 or more attack speed than the opponent, they will double attack (or quadruple attack if equipped with a brave weapon). Attack is determined by the unit’s speed but can be influenced by the weight of the weapon equipped and the Build of the unit holding it.
    • Attack Speed = Speed – (Weight – Build)
  • Hit (Hit Rate): Hit represents the chance of an attack landing. This is calculated based on the weapon’s hit stat and the unit’s dexterity and luck stat.
    • Hit = Hit Base + 2 * Dexterity + [Luck/2]
  • Staff Hit: Most staves are supportive and thus can’t miss. But offensive staves like Fracture and Freeze can target enemies. The calculation for whether a Staff Hits is determined by the caster’s Magic and Dexterity, along with the staff’s hit stat.
    • Hit = Hit weapon proficiency + Magic + Dexterity
  • Avo (Avoid): Avoid is the likelihood your unit dodges an incoming attack. It’s calculated based on the unit’s Attack Speed and Luck and the equipped weapon’s Avoid stat.
    • Avoid = Avoid base skill + 2 x Attack Speed + [Luck/2]
  • Staff Avoid: When attacked by a staff, Attack Speed is not considered. Instead, it’s calculated based on the Unit’s Resistance and Luck Stats.
    • Staff Avoid = 3 x Resistance + [Luck/2]
  • Crit (Critical Rate): This is the maximum chance of a unit’s attack landing a critical hit, which does triple the normal damage. Critical Rate is calculated by the unit’s Dexterity and the Weapon’s Critical Stat.
    • Crit = Critical weapon proficiency + [Dexterity/2]
  • Ddg (Dodge): Sometimes called Critical Avoid, Dodge determines the likelihood of a unit being hit by a critical attack. Dodge is determined by the unit’s luck or the weapon’s dodge attack.
    • Dodge = Dodge weapon proficiency + Luck
  • Rng (Range): The distance from which you can attack an enemy unit. This is determined by the weapon the unit is carrying.

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